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The Katrina Virus

virusTonight on Truther Girls Radio: Special Guest David Andrew Christenson is an Air Force Officer and Veteran who has been classified as a terrorist.

The Department of Justice classified Captain David Andrew Christenson as a terrorist. This was done to bypass Federal Law and the Federal Judiciary. It was relayed to Captain Christenson that if he did not stop his research and quest for justice that he would be assassinated as a terrorist.
The FBI attempted to murder/assassinate Captain David Andrew Christenson while he was being held in isolation in the Orleans Parish Prison. Coast Guard Commander William Wesley Goetzee was not so lucky. He was murdered in the Orleans Parish Prison on August 7th, 2011. The FBI failed with Captain Christenson but succeeded with Commander Goetzee.
What was so important that the United States Government had to classify Captain David Andrew Christenson as a terrorist and then attempt to murder/assassinate him?
Chemical warfare ingredients, “THE KATRINA VIRUS”, were released during Hurricane Katrina. The end result will be GENOCIDE for the residents of New Orleans. (“The Katrina Virus” represents all of the contaminants that were released from government research/laboratory, manufacturing and storage facilities. These facilities were controlled directly and indirectly by the Department of Defense and the Central Intelligence Agency and included public institutions such as local hospitals and medical schools. The Harvard University Medical School has been tasked with studying and tracking the long term health/medical issues and “The Katrina Virus”.

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Contact & Website info for David Andrew Christenson
website is (Very slow. Open the Documents tab and double click on every line.)
YouTube: “David Andrew Christenson Channel” Index of over 175 Videos!

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It’s National HIV Testing Scam Day!

Don’t forget to get yourself tested on National HIV Testing Day, kids! Hah, what a scam. I found the below in the comments section of an article on some Lybian doctors and nurses who were facing execution for supposedly infecting their charges with HIV (accidentally). I am a huge fan Dr Maniotis. He’s brilliant and he knows what he’s talking about- pay attention to what he says before you go in for one of these tests!

Dr. Andrew Maniotis Says:
December 19th, 2006 at 4:16 pm
A brief History of AIDS
This year, in 2006, it has been 22 years since HIV, “a variant of a known human cancer virus,” was announced by media press release as being the probable cause of AIDS by Dr. Robert Gallo and Health and Human Services Secretary Margaret Heckler.
Thus it has been about 22 years since Dr. Gallo rushed that same day to patent the first “HIV” test kit, and was subsequently convicted of scientific misconduct by the Dingell Commission and the Office of Scientific Integrity of the NIH for attempting to steal Luc Montagnier’s so-called “HIV-virus isolate [1].”
It has also been about 22 years since chimp colonies were injected with “isolates” of “HIV” obtained from AIDS patients, but have yet to become ill, as they sit in their 27 million dollar retirement homes [2].
At the beginning of HIV testing, it was known that “68% to 89% of all repeatedly reactive ELISA (HIV antibody) tests represent false positive results among sperm donors [3], and 14 years ago, it was reported that “HIV-sequences” exist in normal in human, chimpanzee, and rhesus monkey DNAs” [4].
That same year, it was reported that the hepatitis B vaccine causes false positive “HIV” test results [5].
It has been about 14 years since The Veterans Affairs Cooperative Study Group reported that “AZT disproportionately harmed Blacks and Hispanics, and provided no benefit to the quelling of advancing immune suppression in Caucasians” [6].
It has also been about 14 years since it was known that half of infants that test “HIV” positive at birth serorevert (reverse) their “HIV-positive status within 18 months [7].
It has been about 12 years since the announcement of the Concorde study reported:
“The results of Concorde do not encourage the early use of zidovudine in symptom-free HIV-infected adults. They also call into question the uncritical use of CD4 cell counts as a surrogate endpoint for assessment of benefit from long-term antiretroviral therapy” [8].
It has been 11 years since it was reported that flu vaccines cause false positive “HIV” test results [9].
About 10 years ago, it was confirmed again that about 67% of infants that test “HIV” positive at birth serorevert (reverse) their “HIV-positive status by 18 months [10].
It has been about 9 years since it was reported that “no seroconversions” were observed among 175 HIV-discordant couples (where one partner tests positive, one negative), for a total of approximately 282 couple-years of follow up in a 10- year study [11].
It has been about 7 years since it was published in The Journal, AIDS, that children born to ZDV-treated mothers “are more likely to have a rapid course of HIV-1 infection compared with children born to untreated mothers, as disease progression and immunological deterioration are significantly more rapid and the risk of death is actually increased during the first 3 years of life” [12].
It has also been about 7 years since it was known that goats and cows test “HIV-positive” [13]. It has been about 4 years since the announcement in The Journal of Virology regarding the severe toxicity of saquinovir and other protease inhibitors [14], and about 2 years since the announcement in the New England Journal of Medicine that vitamin supplements can ward off progression to AIDS in the absence of HAART (Highly Active Anti-Retroviral Therapy) [15].
It has been about 2 years since the announcement of the failure of AIDSVAX, the 120 million dollar effort to vaccinate against “HIV” [16], and 2 years since the Red Cross reported that even after repeated testing using different test kits, low-risk populations, such as blood donors (or military recruits) will typically yield 12 (PCR) positive or 2 (ELISA) positive results out of 37,000,000 samples, leaving potentially 10 out of 12 false positives, depending on which test kit you believe [17].
It has more than a year since the announcement that the government’s chief of AIDS research, Dr. Edmond Tremont, rewrote a safety report on a U.S.-funded drug study to change its conclusions and delete negative information, and later, ordered the research resumed over the objections of his staff, so that George W. Bush’s pharmaceutical friend\’s $500 million dollar plan to distribute nevirapine to African women would proceed, even though the drug’s approval was withdrawn in the U.S. because of excessive toxicity [18]. It only has been a year or so since the Institute of Medicine covered up and trivialized Tremont’s criminal behavior, according to Johnathan Fishbein, who blew the whistle, and was subsequently fired from his position as safety officer for the Nevaripine trials that Tremont, his boss, fudged [19].
This summer at the Toronto International AIDS conference, Barre-Sinoussi (one of Luc Montagnier’s original group from whom Dr. Gallo hijacked LAV, later to be called “HIV”) “came out of the closet”, and said:
“It is not clear if therapeutic vaccines might be useful, since 15 trials to date have not demonstrated definitive evidence of improved outcomes.”
This month it was announced that “viral load is only able to predict progression to disease in 4% to 6% of HIV-positives studied, challenging much of the basis for current AIDS science and treatment policy” [20, 21].
But the most amazing thing I have witnessed since I began following AIDS in the early 1980′s, was a documentary I saw the other night [22] in which CNN’s Chief International Correspondent Christiane Amanpour is filmed walking through villages in Kenya, remarking about the fact that the impoverished orphaned children don’t have enough watered down gruel to drink down the deadly toxic drug nevirapine, and the failed anti-cancer drug AZT.
In the documentary, Amanpour also provides the viewer with an interview with Stephen Lewis about his perspectives as the UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for HIV/AIDS in Africa, a post he has held since June 2001 as a Commissioner for the World Health Organization’s Commission on the Social Determinants of Health, as Senior Advisor to the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University in New York, Director of the Stephen Lewis Foundation, and recipient of many awards and 22 honorary degrees including a Companion of the Order of Canada, Maclean’s Magazine 2003 “Canadian of the Year,” and in Time Magazine’s April 2005 100 most influential people in the world.
After looking into Lewis’s impressive credentials, I noticed that in a speech Lewis gave at the closing session of the XVI International AIDS conference in Toronto this summer, he presented a list of issues regarding AIDS in the world and especially in Africa. In his speech, Lewis spent one of the sessions vilifying The South African Minister of Health for advocating foods that are important for nutrition and health.
The sixth most important issue, according to Lewis, was:
” Number 6: It is now accepted as unassailable truth that people in treatment need nutritious food supplements to maintain and tolerate their treatment. And yet, there is a growing clamour from People Living with AIDS that decent nutrition simply isn’t available, leaving them in a desperate predicament. The World Food Programme released a study at this conference calculating the cost of food supplementation at 66 cents a day for an entire family; what madness is it that denies the World Food Programme the necessary money?”
In other words, “the growing clamour” from people living with AIDS, as Mr. Lewis described with such touching humanity, is another way of saying “we are hungry- we are starving for food and water.” Those people can’t possibly be receiving the amount of protein, in either vegetable or animal form, to sustain immunity. Both in Amanpour’s documentary, and in Lewis’s lofty speech before the International AIDS conference where he lists food as number 6 in importance (following of course more important things like circumcision and microbicides to smear on African people\’s genitals), I was struck with the intractable paradox of how the AIDS establishment now proposes to dose all these children with highly toxic immune suppressive drugs such as nevirapine and AZT, when they don’t have enough food and water to wash down the pills. The cart is before the horse here, if you see what I mean.
When considering assays in human patients which diagnose “AIDS” by quantifying the number of lymphocytes/ml, patients are not considered to have an AIDS-defining illness if thy have suffered from chronic starvation, as these individuals are known to possess a helper T-cell ratio in the AIDS-defining range or even lower (

Statins Exposed!

Our guests today on The Truther Girls radio show will be James B Yoseph and Hannah Yoseph, MD, authors of ‘How Statin Drugs Really Lower Cholesterol – And Kill You One Cell at a Time’. Statins interfere with your cells’ ability to reproduce itself and function normally and are made from carcinogenic mycotoxins. As a result, they are highly toxic, cause accelerated aging, tissue damage, mental impairment and are strongly linked to cancer. Yet, these drugs are extremely popular and a full 25% of the American population is currently on statins, including virtually all senior citizens. Is it a surprise that we are seeing such high rates of cancer and senile demetia?

Please listen in today to learn how statins work, the kind of damage they cause, and how they got to be treated as a legitimate product in the first place, instead of the fraud that they are. On today’s show you will also learn why oxidative stress is the real cause of CVD, and find out some surprising common sources of this, and what you can do to counteract it.

You can purchase James B and Hannah Yoseph, MD’s book here

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Mass Graves Discovered, Witnesses Murdered

Today at 2:00 pm EST on The Truther Girls, I will be talking to Kevin Annett about the recent discovery of bones unearthed on the site of a former Canadian Indian Residential School, and about the systemic elimination of all the key Canadian aboriginal activists in the past two years. Read here about the death of Ricky Lavallie and others.

Kevin producer of the documentary film ‘Unrepentant; Kevin Annett and Canada’s Genocide. Kevin is a former minister who blew the whistle on his own church when he discovered that their Indian Residential School system had been helping to commit genocide against the Canadian aboriginal peoples and steal their land, under the guise of bringing them religion. You can see his documentary film here:

He is also the author of ‘Hidden From History: The Canadian Holocaust’, which you can find here on his website:

Kevin has helped to convene the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State, a de jure court under common law, which seeks to convict the institutions and their officers, including the Vatican and the Crown of England, for their roles in the genocide of the Canadian Aboriginal peoples and the abuse, trafficking, torture and murder of children, which continues to be actively practiced, and condoned and protected by church, state, judicial and police forces around the globe.

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Conspiracy of Killing Seniors for Profit?

Today on The Truther Girls, I will be talking to ivestigative reporter Janet Phelan about the murder of people who have been put under conservatorship. See Janet’s website at

We will be discussing the issue in general, but we will focus on the coroner coverup of a suspicious death of a conservatee, Raymond Horspool, who died at age 90 in in Riverside County, California.
His son, J. David Horspool, is a powerful probate attorney in So Cal and put his own father under conservatorship- apparently to loot his own family’s estate. Janet got the coroner report and it is full of discrepancies. She has also have interviewed folks at the Sheriff/Coroner and also at Adult Protective services and it seems that there is a very serious problem going on with the report which reeks of a cover up.

Tthe salient issues about the coroner report:
1) there is no weight listed. coroners reports always list the weight and this one carefully avoided it. The family tells Janet that the six foot man weighed 136 when he showed up at the coroner’s office. However, the coroner’s report says the body appeared “well nourished”–hardly describing a 136 lb corpse. When Janet asked the deputy sheriff if it was protocol for the coroner report to list weight, he REFUSED to answer the question.
2) The report lists Horspool as taking morphine and ativan. These two medications are generally contraindicated and there is no reason given why Horspool would have been on morphine, as he had no cancer or other pain-causing illness.

Given the fact that he was on these two medicines which could cause death if mixed, it was incumbent on that office to do a toxicology exam and the office refused to do so. Looks bad….looks real bad.

When a person, often a senior, is put under conservatorship, they are known as a probate and lose all their rights. The person who is appointed as their conservator, or guardian, becomes responsible for making all decisions in their stead, and also administers their estate. Often, this person takes advantage of the situation by appropriating all of the conservatee’s funds and sticking them into a nursing home, where they often die quickly and suddenly under suspicious circumstances. What’s worse is that the courts seems to be involved in this conspiracy to get old people out of the way so that others can benefit from their estate.

Moreover, anyone can be put under conservatorship- not only a senior citizen of advanced age, but anyone who someone has brought to the attention of the courts for being ‘not of sound mind’. This has opened the door to people using this process on others for revenge, such as in divorce proceedings or simply because they have it in for them. The person proposed as incompetent is then evaluated by a court-appointed psychiatrist- who almost invariably finds them to be indeed incompetent. That a person is evaluated by independant psychiatrists who find them to be competent has no effect: the courts rely on the court-appointed psychiatrist. Do you smell conspiracy here? I sure do.

Please also see Janet’s article ‘Why I Am An Abolitionist’ on why she thinks the only solution is abolishing guardianship, not reforming the process.

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NB The thumbnail is not Mr Horspool.

Clean Sky Ordinance in Hawaii

Today on The Truther Girls, I will be speaking to Michael Murphy, co-producer of the film “What In The World Are They Spraying?’. Michael is currently in Maui working with a team in writing and implementing The Clean Sky Ordinance, which is a county ordinance that will ban chemtrail/geoengineering programs above and around the county of Maui. While we know that these programs have been in full-scale deployment for several years, The Clean Sky Ordinance is a preemptive act based on geoengineering plans and proposals to spray 10 to 20 million tons of toxic aluminum oxide and other particulates in the the atmosphere for the stated goal of cooling the planet. They not only have public support, but also support from public officials including a council member who is sponsoring the ordinance.

This is the initial draft of the Ordinance:

The Maui Clean Sky Ordinance

The People of the County of Maui hereby propose the following ordinance to preserve clean skies over the islands of Maui, Molokai, Lanai, Molokini and Kahoolawe.

Whereas, the people of the county of Maui recognize that geoengineers propose the global disbursement of aerosols and other particulates into the atmosphere for the stated goal of cooling the planet; and,

Whereas, studies have shown that disbursements from stratospheric aerosol geoengineering and other such programs contain toxic substances with many unknown health and environmental consequences; and,

Whereas, the people of Maui County have the right to be informed by full disclosure through an Environmental Impact Statement of the health and environmental implications caused by such programs; and,

Whereas, any such program or experimental program with potentially adverse health and environmental implications need the informed consent of the people of Maui County; and

Whereas, Maui County has jurisdiction over any deliberate disbursement of substances that enters our breathing atmosphere or lands on our soil, other than normal approved byproducts of industry, commerce and transportation; and

Therefore, as a preemptive measure to safeguard the health and environment of the County of Maui, the following ordinance is proposed.

No entity may engage in disbursement of aerosols, chemicals or any particulate matter into the skies that may enter into the breathing atmosphere, enter into the rain or land on the soils of Maui County, or engage in geoengineering, climate engineering or any other activity that may alter the weather or alter the sunlight of Maui County, without first presenting an Environmental Impact Statement that has been approved by the Maui County Council, and receiving the written informed consent from the Maui County Council.
Exempt from this law are approved byproduct of normal industry, commerce and transportation.
Any entity found to be in violation of this ordinance shall receive a mandatory $500,000 per day fine for each day that a disbursement violation is detected, and shall be subject to civil claims for health and environmental damages and clean up cost.

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What In The World Are They Spraying: full documentary

A Decade of Vaccines: Depopulation and Bio-warfare

Video uploaded by canuckism101
A decade of vaccine / population control biowarfare technology and the globalist eugenic agenda

Fluoride, The Bizarre History

The History of Fluoride, its toxic effects and how it got into the public water supply. Documentary in 20 parts, narrated by Darlene Cheryl, long-time anti-fluoridation activist. Watch the rest at:

Fluoride Action Network

Scientific Facts on the Biological Effects of Fluorides

Why EPA’S Headquarters Union of Scientists Opposes Fluoridation

FLUORIDE … The Aging Factor
How to Recognize and Avoid the Devastating Effects of Fluoride
John A. Yiamouyiannis, Ph.D. (1943-2000)

The Greatest “Scientific” Fluoride Fraud Yet?

50 Reasons to Avoid Fluoridation

Fluoridation: Governmentally Approved Poison

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Fluoride: A Chronological History

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Dare to Think — A Message About Fluoride, written by Darlene Sherrell

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Fluoride Health Effects Database

How to Detox Fluorides from Your Body

Antidepressants Kill

In some cases, anti-depressants kill. It has been shown that people who are on antidepressants are statistically more likely to kill themselves than people who are not. This is explained away as ‘people who are depressed are more likely to kill themselves in the first place’, although all people in the sample were depressed, and as ‘it gets worse before it gets better’- but if getting worse means jumping off a building, it doesn’t leave much room for improvement afterwards.

And is it a coincidence that virtually all school shootings were committed by teens who were on antidepressants? I only say virtually to leave room for the possibility that some did not involve meds, although personally I have not encountered such a case to date.

Here are some links someone sent me with further evidence that anti-depressants are associated with not only suicide, but psychosis, occasionally leading to murder.

These last two are talking about a scholarly article that I have access to on ProQuest from my school and I could email you the full text with graphs if you need so you have the root source.

The article is Selective Publication of Antidepressant Trials and Its Influence on Apparent Efficacy in NEJM.

Gulf Blue Plague is Evolving

Below is a link to an article about BP and the 2010 oil disaster, and the role of Craig Venter of Synthetic Genomics and the artificial life bacteria he created and dubbed ‘Synthia’. Following the spill, the public was informed of the discovery of a new oil-eating bacteria in the Gulf, which was rapidly cleaning up the goop. Wonderful news? Or is this ‘new’ bacteria actually the ‘self-replicating artificial life form whose parent was a computer’ created by Venter’s company and announced to the public as a ‘scientific breakthrough’ earlier this year in the mainstream media?
Has this antibiotic-resistant bacteria been released into the wild and what will the consequences be? Could it be, as this article suggests that the BP Flu or Blue Plague is the result of infection with this artificial bacteria? Marine toxicologists from the Gulf have reported extensive poisoning of cleanup workers and the local population, but they have also disclosed that the mixture of oil and Correxit is what, by absorption through the skin, can cause such devastating symptoms as internal bleeding.

You may remember that in the spring of 2010, we were told that the coming summer was to be the worst hurricane season in several years, with 17 hurricanes expected to hit the Gulf Coast, threatening to carry the oil and dispersant-laden waters inland. As it turned out, however, NO hurricanes hit the coast this year. This is absolutely not normal. Is this the result of the loop current being stalled or is this evidence of weather-modification technology being used to prevent not the oil and dispersants from coming ashore (Correxit has been intentionally sprayed on the coast line), but to keep the potentially disastrous effects of this artificial bacteria at bay?

From reading this article, I cannot come to any solid conclusions. It is all worthy to take note of the information gathered by the author, but I would like to point out that when it comes to conspiracies and conspiracy theories, retrospective analysis of an event often reveals truths while projections and speculations often do nothing more than create unnecessary hype and fear. Some of the comments to this article engage in such speculations.

When the advent of Synthia was made public knowledge, it was stated that immediate uses included speeding up flu shot production. While this is nasty and distasteful as it is, a comment left under the article below proposes the possibility that these new vaccines will serve the purpose of innocuating the population against not flu, but the deadly infections that could be caused by the artificial bacteria itself. And the author of the comment hypothesizes that it may turn out that only half a billion shots will be made available, serving the openly stated goal of reducing the world’s population to that number, as only the innoculated will survive.

Could this be a trick to weed out vaccine refusers? This, to me, is nothing but speculation and I wouldn’t dwell on it. First of all, the depopulation plans include a number of existing vaccines, covert and open sterilization techniques, war, biotech-induced famine and disease, and a number of other strategies such as weather modification and destruction of agriculture through techniques like spraying aluminum that changed the Ph of soil, making it inhospitable to plant life. Even if a synthetic, self-replicating bacteria were to escape and cause disease, I don’t believe it this plague would smite the world’s population uniformly. Organisms with disease-creating potential and generally not equal-opportunity killers and require the host to have a compromised immune system in order to make it a victim. Besides, why take such a multi-pronged approach to depopulation if all it takes is the release of an artificial bacteria to accomplish these goals?
Personally, I would take note of the information provided in the article below, but I would not succumb to the notion that this is to be the golden instrument of worldwide depopulation by disease. The attacks of the NWO are many and stealthy, but their greatest weapon is fear.