Haiti Quake, HAARP and the NWO

A brief overview of the situation and some evidence that the quake may have been caused by HAARP, from a Truther Girl’s perspective.
UK Telegraph: Death toll may reach 200000
Plan Canada: map showing epicentre
Haiti quake predicted in 1999
History of Haiti political situation and US/NWO involvement
Haiti elections guide
harp activity
Induction magnetometer…


17 responses to “Haiti Quake, HAARP and the NWO

  1. Blessings and Peace…you girls are amazing at all the hard work you do.

    A loyal fan of the Truther Girls…thank god there’s people left in this world with common sense…I was thinking I was all alone!

  2. Great idea! keep them coming. Peace out!

  3. Embraceing your blog. Many of us appreciate “critical thinkers”. You shouldn’t have to “point – out ” HOW to view MSM. You would think the people would be suspect and keen to the manipulations by now.
    New to your channel but not new to the control machines.
    thanks for what you do girls ~

  4. A quote from 1tuuber (2 days ago):

    “The advertised “theory” of HAARP is that it activates the ionosphere, and can therefore be used for communications at long distances. However, if it were fed a signal at a frequency which would bounce OFF the ionosphere, it could be directed at the ground. Its effect would be greater at closer distances, though. IF this was being done, at high enough power output, it might possibly be responsible for the mysterious melting of the northern icecap & glaciers, and could explain why this is happening when the southern icecap is NOT melting, but growing larger.

    1tuuber (2 days ago)
    On another note, I saw pictures of the HAARP antenna array on the Jessie Ventura show, and it looks similar to a phased-array radar antenna, like the ones used on Navy Guided Missile Cruisers. See Wikipedia, “Aegis Combat System,” and “Passive Electronically Scanned Array.” The point being that these types of antennas don’t move, like the old-style revolving radar antennas did. Instead, the radar signal fed to them is phase shifted, which causes the antenna to emit in different directions. Therefore, a stationary antenna array like HAARP uses, could have its output “aimed.”


  5. I know people think HAARP may have had something to do with this but there are many channellings from http://www.lightworkers.org which have referred to the fact that Haiti has been under a very low vibration for many decades. If it is HAARP, well no surprise there. The info from this site has referred to the karma of Haiti and the fact that this is a wake up call for the world to open their hearts. Those that have perished have written this into their life/soul contracts. Nothing is a mistake and nothing is loss. This is all part of the mother earths path to healing, (and probably humanities as well.)

  6. You hit the nail right on the head.
    It makes no sense that an earthquake of that magnitude could happen there. Those islands are cays (pronounced keez), low-lying coral islands, formed over thousands of years from the accumulation the skeletal remains of tiny sea animals. How can there be fault-lines there, or is this something like those “new” clouds they have discovered *coughchemtrailscough*.

  7. Jean-Pierre Petit (physicien français, spécialiste de la MHD) avait abordé le sujet des armes sismiques dès 2002.

    Voir http://www.jp-petit.org/Divers/Armes_sismiques/Armes_sismiques1.htm

    Il présente une technologie développée par les russes dans les années 70 et qui a du être ‘améliorée’ depuis ce temps. C’est l’équivalent d’envoyer des ‘électrochocs’ massifs via des générateur MHD sur une zone sismique sensible.

    Il ne s’agit pas de HAARP ici mais d’une technologie plus ‘rudimentaire’…

    Un passage très approprié datant du 2 mars 2006:

    «Nous découvrons ainsi une nouvelle forme de guerre discrete ( “silent war” ) où affaiblir un adversaire peut consister à créer chez lui des “phénomènes naturels” qui pourraient, avec des moyens étonnement modestes, créer chez lui des effets destructeurs, à grande distance, et même en différé. Quitte à proposer ensuite son “‘aide humanitaire”, opération permettant éventuellement de reprendre un pays complètement en main. »

  8. Sonia, There is some very interesting info. concerning a company in Canada & US, that have strong interests in the large amounts of gold in Haiti. Info on RJBEDARD1 you tube channel, entitled “HAITI EARTHQUAKE POSSIBLE MOTIVE”. (Not that it isn’t complicated enough already) 😦 Keep up the great work!

  9. Stoned or Sad, you ROCK either way! Keep up the good work! LOVE YA!!!

  10. Please get int touch with me I’ve been following this stuff for awhile ….. but I need discuss couple of things I do believe that something big is right on the corner.So please get in touch ..emerson_mota@lycos.com I’m outside of US.

  11. Hi Truth Girls – excellent work… I have you a re=post here:


    Here’s more info about HAARP:


    Stop by my blogs sometime here on wordpress – we’re on the same team!




    God bless and keep you – we’ve got your back!!

  12. This video might also be helpful for those who are new to HAARP info



  14. enjoy your posts thnx

  15. Chuck Baldwin who writes for


    isaskig all the right questions about this too:


    I see a phenomenon taking place here that I have coined as “global unity consciousness” among
    truth researchers…. in the last 7 days everyone
    all around the world just stated to “get it” and
    substantiation from all over poured in.

    No to wax too spiritual, but I believe in Divine
    intervention, it might be needed – our FED now has the most frightening weapon of mass destruction
    ever: HAARP.

    Day posting for Chase, who is travelling


    Superb work and respectful regards to you two truthers

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