Chavez on Russia Today: Haiti Quake was HAARP Drill

It’s use has never been proved? Conspiracy theorists? Check this out:


5 responses to “Chavez on Russia Today: Haiti Quake was HAARP Drill

  1. I am so upset about all of this. My heart aches for humanity. I am very disturbed that here in America, no one believes any of this. I post the stuff and friends fall of my friends list. I am disgusted at our government, causing all of the suffering worldwide, yet pretending we are humanitarians. AMERICANS ARE BRAINWASHED.

    Lisa, USA

  2. Its suspicious that Obama appointed current USGS president Marcia K McNut. She’s an expert on earthquake prediction from the Stanford University. Mark D Myers who was appointed by Bush worked for ARCON in Louisiana. ARCON developed HAARP. This is another false flag to steal oil resources.

  3. Lisa I epathize with you. I work to research and post the truth online literally about 18 hrs a day during my off season from my reg job. Then people get on there and make the most ludicrous comments, completely overlooking what is in their faces. I actually feel almost as if an all out coup detat took place at some point in DC and the Obama thing has now put the sickening capstone on it – literally if yu know what I mean.

    I am more disgusted with my foolish stupid TV addicted countrymen than ever in my life. But my soul will not let me just sit around and knit or watch mindless TV while the nwo eats our nation in spoonfuls.

    So justk know you are not alone.

    Day, writing in for CKh, who is on the road.

    see blogs at


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