Chavez and HAARP: what did he say?

In response to the video from russia Today, many people have been saying that Chavez did not actually blame HAARP and that this was a disinfo technique used by the journal to paint him as an anti-American conspiracy theorists.
To investigate, I read the original article posted here:

It is in Spanish. What it basically says is that Chavez (or his government, in any case) declared that the Haiti quake was the result of a test undertaken by US military forces and involved an ‘earthquake machine’, although it is true they did not specifically name HAARP. As evidence, the Venezuelan government point to intelligence gathered by the Russian Naval Fleet and to the fact that SOUTHCOM was running a drill of their new security program, DISA, at the moment when the disaster occurred, and that the drill featured a scenario in which Haiti was devastated by a hurricane and US forces were to provide humanitarian aid. More details on this are mentioned in my previous post on SOUTHCOM and DISA.

The “Chavez said it was HAARP” rumor has been added to a Wikipedia article on HAARP, in a section entitled ‘Conspiracy Theories’ and supposedly ‘debunked’. However, examination of the venezuelan material does not actually discredit the claim that Chavez implicated the US military in the disaster. And it just so happens that HAARP is known to have the potential to cause earthquakes, although it has never been proven that it has been used for this purpose (although even if it had, do you think they would admit it?)
So, who can blame us ‘paranoid conspiracy nuts’ for connecting a few dots here?
Of note, the Wikipedia article also contains the following:
“Also Hugo Chavez has stated that his anus is so stretch and that has to wear diapers”
Now that’s what I call SOLID information!


16 responses to “Chavez and HAARP: what did he say?

  1. Chavez didn’t mention HAARP by name and it may not be the culprit in this case.

    I do think HAARP can be used as an ‘atmospheric weapon’, but I can’t figure out how it would create a strong and localized effect in the earth crust enough to create an earthquake. At least not with the physics I know.

    If I had to chose a technology to create a large earthquake it would be this:

    Read the abstract. This is not speculation, this is REAL. This technology has been around for decades.

    The only question I have is if this technology has the capacity to mitigate large earthquake, can it also be used to precipitate one ?

    Quote: “It was found that occurrence of local earthquakes after firing runs of MHD generator became higher than before them. An increased level of seismic activity was observed within 3 to 6 days after the firing runs. It was suggested that electromagnetic pulses result in discharge of energy accumulated by the Earth crust due to tectonic deformation processes.”

    Get the complete article here:

  2. The actual article is still posted on the VIVE website…you just have to look for it in Opiniones.

    to me, the fact that this was posted on a govt-sponsored and run website that acts as the voice of the govt is why everyone says chavez said it. So no, he didn’t say it. But his govt posted an article about it. It’s still on their webstie, althogh most places on the internet obviously didn’t really try to search for it because they say the article was taken down. It was just archived!

  3. I love how any idiot can go on wikipedia and change the info to their liking.
    Also it’s not like Wikipedia is UN-biased, it’s a tool used by the corporations, I’ve seen so many erroneous facts on there that it’s incredible For example I noticed how a lot of celebrities who are openly atheists, don’t mention their religion/beliefs at all, but when it’s a christian , watch out.

  4. nevertheless more great information can also be found here

  5. Thanks for the link Grace.

    My attempts at digging up the truth about these claims sort of ended in great confusion. Which I unfortunately shared before checking all the facts.

    Natural or man made, the fact that the US is obviously exploiting the situation to set up shop in Haiti is terrible enough as it is.

  6. I saw you video on youtube about HAARP and Haiti Connection…
    Here’s my compilation.

    HAARP Activity January 9th through to the 13th
    Data from HAARP Induction Magnetometer

    9th – No Activity

    10th – HAARP Begins its task.

    11th Day Before Quake – This is the day HARRP would be most active preparing in initiating for its task.

    12th Day of Quake – HAARP Settling down, after the Quake all systems begin to claim down.

    13th – Day After – Again No Activity

    Between the 13th and 19th of January HAARP had Zero Activity.
    On January 20th Haiti was hit with an AfterShock and guess what HAARP Activity Resumed.

    Jan 20th – Haiti After Shock

    Jan 21st HAARP Settles

    Jan 22nd HAARP Activity Back to Zero

  7. Just clairfy it was TruthGirl that showed me about HAARP’s website, so credit also goes to here,

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