HAARP and Haiti: Conspiracy Theory?

A little vlog about HAARP, the earthquake in Haiti, what Chavez did or didn’t say about it, and a little of what proof there is for or against the existence of tectonic weapons.

All quotes in this video are from  off-their-rocker conspiracy nuts. Total paranoid freaks. They MUST be, because SUUUURELY no government would EVER do such a thing. Yeah, yeah, they have HAARP all set up and sure, it can be used to trigger earthquakes. But they wouldn’t actually USE such technology as a weapon because they’re such NICE guys.

Have a little FAITH in your leaders, people. Greed? Megalomania? They know nothing of such things. They are nice people, good Christians. They just happen to worship stone owls, but we’re all in favor of freedom of religion, right? Naaaah, have a little faith. They can harness such powers and possess such weapons but they would never USE them just because, in principle, it isn’t a nice thing to do. Even though they have near total control over the media, they wouldn’t use that to their advantage either, because it’s just not right to stifle the press.

Now, I’m going to go to bed and wait for the men in black to come and get me.

Global research.ca
Whatdoes it mean: quote from William Cohen
Induction magnetometer
Haiti quake on rense- where it came from
Chavez abc.es
vive television


7 responses to “HAARP and Haiti: Conspiracy Theory?

  1. me gustaría follarte

  2. Lol!! C’mon they wouldn’t do that to us, would they?
    Yeah right….Love it.=)X

  3. The bastards are deleting info. Look here to:


  4. As much as I can understand right now, I think you’re right!

  5. I worry about a false flag in Vancouver now. This is how the AMERO is going to be introduced – by dirty & aggressive tactics. The Canadian peoples won’t support it. Can’t have all that boring talking and debating like there was over the EURO. Swine Flu Pandemic was suppose to sort out Mexico and maybe it did. Dunno. Jail Stanford, HAARP Haiti to get control in the Caribean. Venezuela is a worry so US/ UN will just push Chavez out or blame a false flag attack on him.

  6. Thanks for the information! Will continue to pray and to support the relief and rescue efforts in Haiti. Praying for God to be their Hope and comfort in this very difficult time.

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