Haiti Quake Reveals Oil Reserves

Here is an article from the Seattle Times.


Oh! Whaddaya know!

Here is a key sentence:
“Among nations in the northern Caribbean, Cuba and Jamaica have awarded offshore leases for oil and gas development.”

Get it? Offshore leases? Haiti gets to lease the oil-containing areas to Big Oil so the latter can exploit these resources- because Haiti doesn’t have the means to do so itself. The local population can be used as a slave labor force. And let’s just tell everyone how good this is for Haiti’s economy and how much these poor folks appreciate getting paid 8 cents an hour, cause that’s about standard wage in their country and it’s better than a boot to the head.


17 responses to “Haiti Quake Reveals Oil Reserves

  1. Mercy Sonia! You’ve got guts!
    Preach it!

  2. Unbelievable.

    There are just way too many fortuitous circumstances surrounding Haiti: the drill, the military, the oil reserves…

    I suspected HAARP from the beginning, and your videos raised further suspicions, but even now, I still can’t quite fully wrap my head around the magnitude of this.

    Great work, Sonia.

  3. The European Union Times also reports about the the oil reserves – oh and tell people to use startpage proxy search. It was the only way I could get here again.


  4. I share your sarcasm in your reading of articles that appear in the controlled media. I read them the same.

    I suspect, we’re only seeing clearly this episode however and still wonder about the Bigger Picture?

  5. Oil isn’t the only commodity that ‘The Powers That Be’ are after. Just like Iraq, military bases and orphan/organ trafficking are key strategic reasons the USG, UKG, Mossad, etc, will be occupying Haiti:

  6. “” Well we were just passing through on the way to Venezuela it would be rude not to manage Haiti’s oil as well. “”

  7. ‘”Haiti, from the standpoint of oil and gas exploration, is a lot less developed than the Dominican Republic,” Pierce said. “One could do a lot more work there.”‘

    I wonder if the U.S. will expand its borders and engulf Canada because of the oil sands in Calgary.

    It is almost as if America will do anything for oil…

  8. I’m a slacker, mostly read and make comments without making great presentations but I feel that the mainstream media propaganda machine is being pushed harder and harder. In 2009 there were numerous head slapping moments. I know we all have busy lives but W T F man?! Corporations have been absorbed into this New World Order which tries to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing to the masses. Its too big to be a sheep! People just shake their heads and go about there business because if they don’t call it a wolf they’ll get eaten. Fine. Its still a wolf!

  9. Well you know what I mean: “if they don’t call it a sheep they’ll get eaten by the wolf”

    No more trying to be clever. Useful links only.

  10. I cant believe it I mean its just so insane the Zion oil company I mean its just getting so stupid how many coincidences (not) that hit like quakes one after another. I mean Rik Clay would be turning in his grave if he read this stuff…

  11. White supremacist kkk Texas vs Zionist Israel oooooh who’s gonna win…

  12. What a disgusting state of affairs. I had friends who have families living in Haiti who, moments before the earthquake, noted a very loud “boom” …now I’ve never lived through an earthquake (yet, ahem), however this kind of loud booming sound–before the actual event–is apparently totally uncharacteristic and unlike other earthquakes previously experienced.

    The fact that Haiti is actually an oil-rich region leaves no doubt in my mind that this was a HAARP staged event.

    The Haitian people know whats up, but they have little power now that they are in a position of utter need and desperation. UN/US troops abound, corralling folks and mismanaging rations and supplies.

    So if this is the current state of affairs and all is lost, what the hell can we do about it?


  13. ….

    I meant to add: keep up the great work. Your efforts to educate are very much appreciated.

    (Plus, “New World Order” by MC Paranoyd makes me laugh my ass off.)

  14. Please, can you PM me and tell me few more thinks about this, I am really fan of your blog…

  15. Best you should change the page name title Haiti Quake Reveals Oil Reserves | The Truther Girls' Blog to more better for your subject you write. I liked the the writing however.

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