Haiti: What would you do?

With the media as tightly controlled as it is, it is virtually impossible to know exactly what is really going on in Haiti at this time. To be sure, this is a cataclysm of monumental proportions that is causing immeasurable human suffering. Here is what the MSM would like us to believe:
Efforts to provide humanitarian aid have been impeded by the fact that there is only one airport and it is congested, the port has been destroyed, looting is rampant and it is taking time to first secure the country with the military in order to be able to deliver supplies and medical help in an orderly fashion.
I don’t buy it.
I have watched the footage of ‘looters’. All I saw were people left to their own devices in a hell of destroyed buildings and streets littered with bodies, seeing to their own survival by vying for what food or supplies they could scavenge from the ruins. If the USA or Canada were hit with such an apocalypse, I think it would be safe to say that our citizens would be doing the same under those circumstances.
If your city were reduced to a heap of rubble and you had children to feed, wouldn’t you take up your gun (or machete, as the case may be) and do what you can to provide for their survival?
Some news pieces referred to victims using bodies to create a roadblock in protest against the lack of aid. Sometimes it was said that the roadblock was being used to force aid trucks to stop. The implication is that the Haitians are some kind of savages who have no respect for their dead, I suppose. Actually, footage of this only showed bodies lines up in the street. Please tell me: where else are they supposed to put the bodies? And if they did have to block the road to get aid trucks to stop, what is the rest of the story? Why was there so little aid coming in?
As far as I’m concerned, there is no way that the entire world’s humanitarian aid organizations were so totally incapable of bringing aid to Haiti for an entire week. How could they be so disorganized? What was the point of SOUTHCOM running a drill of their new DISA system based on bringing aid to Haiti if they are so completely unable to actually bring aid in real life? The US alone managed to send over 10 000 troops in there pretty quickly and those troops are getting fed and watered. Imagine if they had given all that food and water to the earthquake survivors instead? maybe then they wouldn’t have needed so many troops.

Two of the most disgusting pieces of evidence against the ‘humanitarian aid effort’ are posted below. In the first, you will see a lonely helicopter throwing down a couple of small packages into a fray of survivors. They might as well have been throwing a couple of bones into a pack of starving dogs. Not that I’m comparing the Haitian victims to dogs, of course. What sickened me was that the delivery of these parcels looked more like a deliberate attempt to set the victims against each other than an honest effort to help them. To me, it was blatant.

In this second video, you will see former President Clinton symbolically unloading packs of supplies while trying to keep a straight face. I don’t know if he is capable of being such a hypocrite because he has been mind-controlled by the CIA or because he has just flat-out sold his soul to the Devil. Either way, it’s nauseating. This is followed by a clip of what appear to be mercenaries dealing with ‘looters’ (i.e. desperate people who are trying to survive) by shooting them and kicking them in the face. That’s right: KICKING THEM IN THE FACE. That’s humanitarian aid, New World Order-style.

Meanwhile, I have made contact with a man in Seattle who is working on fund-raising for Haitian grassroots organizations and for the local Haitian community, so they can send money back to their loved ones to help them get through this ordeal. Hopefully, he will soon give me a list of places that we can donate to directly instead of giving our money to the NWO NGOs who are, largely, not to be trusted. I’m sure that groups like Doctors Without Borders are there to do good work, but they are probably being slowed down by the American military occupation of Haiti having been made top priority. In the meantime, maybe we can help a little by giving directly to some of the victims. We’ll see what we can come up with.


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