Oil in Haiti

Scientists and Ginette Daniel Mathurin indicate that under Haitian soil is rich in oil and fuel fossible have already been listed by foreign specialists and Haiti. “We have identified 20 sites Oil, ‘Daniel Mathurin stating that 5 of them are considered of great importance by specialists and politicians.

The Central Plateau, including the region of Thomonde, the plain of the cul-de-sac and the bay of Port-au-Prince are full of hydrocarbons, “he said adding that the oil reserves of Haiti are more important than those of Venezuela . “An Olympic pool compared to a glass of water that is the comparison to illustrate the importance of oil Haitian compared with those of Venezuela

Like I said, I’m not a scientist but I have done some research into HAARP and some of the people who created this monster have stated it’s incredible power. Some have went so far as to claim that it can provoke an earthquake. With all the strangeness going on these days it isn’t so unbelievable. And what’s with the so-called relief effort. The United States army has come in and taken over the whole operation! Is this an invasion, a land grab for Haiti’s resources?.
I had to put the Three Amigos as the grand finally.. No tragedy is without it’s circus. The ghouls come in droves, and those three are at the head of the pack . The only blessing out of all of this is that Bill is in the spot light now. Look up the Clinton Chronicles, if you don’t already know. in the meantime,.. Here’s that article, which I read from. By the good doctor himself.

This article was written by Arron aka BarbarianRebellion


4 responses to “Oil in Haiti

  1. David MacKenzie

    Don’t see a link to the article — would love to read it! Thank you.

  2. Sorry, your point is founded on the basics, but have you forgotten that most people are (for the most part) good and descent? Lets addres this issue on HAARP.

  3. Sorry, your point is founded on the basics, but have you forgotten that most people are (for the most part) good and descent? Lets address this issue on HAARP. “”(sorry I dislike mice pads.(I hate Mieces to Pieces)””.

    Tesla made it happen in NY City.

    But did you ever consider that these (if intended) are made to stave off larger movements in our TT plate system. Think about it…You have to release pressure, or the impact is far greater. No one,,,,well few, in the scientific community think themselves God. Most are of humble opinions. Who put the greater good above all. As for Haiti having Oil. Bullocks! Anyone in the true know, know that Crude is of more than ample supply to last further than we need. The Saudis are not BK (bankrupt) but have concerns that oil usage will diminish by 75% in the next ten years. This is a comment from the Crown Prince himself. His fear is how do we, the Saudis exist after this? There’s a lot more to the pic, but you get the idea. Oh and the House of Saud is not the great villain, it’s Wassibism, learn the diffs.

    Back to the point. Any use of technology of this type would be highly self regulated by the minds behind the curtain.

    Perhaps your intentions would be best used in seeking the ARC’S or ARC.

    Do you realize there is over 10 trill missing from the Fed, and barley a word spoken.

    To quote the greatest poet of our day, “whats he building in there”. Tom Waits.

    Who decides who lives or dies, a lottery? By the way ARC is not an anachronism. They are Arcs, they are meant to survive our species. Should the Poop hit the fan.

    Man I love the thoughts though. Oh and Chavez….Please the man is an uneducated boob who would tell you anything to receive his 15 min.

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