Haiti Port and Airport

This is coming a bit late. Last week, I was looking at sattelite images of Haiti, spying on the situation in my own little way.
First of all, the images from Google Earth showed that the port and airport were cleaned up and clear. If you remember, the port had been damaged and was full of containers and the airport was reported to be too congested to allow for orderly delivery of supplies to the disaster victims. This was cited as an excuse for why victims were not provied with food and water until one week after the earthquake. For the record, images from the 21st of January show that the port and airport are clear and more importantly, they show that there is not much going on there. Here is the port.

And here is the airport:


When I looked at images of the city of Port-au-Prince, I found that it appears the locals are being herded into tent cities, where you can see some blue UN tents. From what I could tell, in most part of the city, there are no locals on the streets, but the place is asolutely crawling with soldiers, walking mostly in single file, guns drawn. One can even see that some of them are wearing blue UN helmets. I didn’t see any evidence of the soldiers being in the process of handing out supplies or clearing away wreckage. I am not saying that they are supposed to be doing these things- but I was under the impression that that was at least in part what they were there for. All I could see was many, many soldiers out on patrol. I couldn’t help thinking that from these pictures it does look like Haiti is under some kind of military occupation. Why do they need to have so many soldiers just walking aorund w ith their guns out as if they were stalking an ennemy? One would think that just a few would be needed to keep people out of dangerous areas and maintain order. Delivering relief supplies should, in and of itself, prevent people from turning on each othe and ‘looting’ in desperate attempts to survive.
I am no expert on the delivery of humanitarian aid, but in my humble opinion it really does look like the troops are treating it like a warzone more than anything.


6 responses to “Haiti Port and Airport

  1. David MacKenzie

    I don’t think images on google earth are real time — they could be as old as a year or two. At least that’s what I think – I know locally where I live — they are way out of date.

    • These were real enough. You could see all the damage from the quake and people living in tent cities. The week before, you could see the port and airport were in disarray, but when I checked in again a week later, everything was cleaned-up.

  2. Wow, you are naive. And please use spell check in the future.

  3. Bill Clinton wrote an article for the Huffington Post today in which he promotes himself as a walking gift to Haitians, he tells how, as president, he helped Haiti attain democracy..(which is the opposite of what I’ve heard). He also appeals for donations to his charity. There’s a section to leave comments for him and I really want to say something but I’m at a loss for words.

  4. This Haiti thing goes beyond even my MITOP (Made It Transparent on Purpose) theory — I think. On the other hand, that’s what I think at first about all this stuff, which contradicts my own theory. If I re-read my own article (“MITOP and the Double Bind”) I have to conclude that if I am right, this fits right in. Unfortunately. It doesn’t help much to feel like you know what’s going on when you don’t know what to do about it. But you’re a help, Sonia. It’s great to know there are people like you “out there” helping us keep up our morale, as you put it. It’s a different thing than Jon Stewart et al., which is funny but only that. He’s just another “dude” cashing in on our sorry predicament (la condition humaine) but not helping much by laughing it off. You can make us laugh without the “off,” which is important. Keep it up. I luv ja — in a purely platonic way of course (lie).

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