Swine Flu and Vaccine: The Aftermath

According to a February 3rd article in the Quebec paper, La Presse, 45% of Canadians have been vaccinated for H1N1 ‘swine flu’. During this vaccination campaign, which began in late November, 24 cases of vaccine-associated GBS have been reported in just over 3 months, compared to 79 cases in the last 12 years of regular flu shots. This shows that the concerns about GBS associated with the swine flu shot, which were raised before vaccine mass vaccination began, have turned out to be very real.
La Presse reports that there have been 12 deaths associated with vaccine in Canada- officially, in any case. Of note, just in my own personal contacts, either through friends or people I met while flyering, I found 2 people who had developed GBS after the H1N1 shot. One was a young woman, the other was an old lady. The old lady’s doctor, despite the fact that she developed GBS within days after receiving the shot, declared that it was not from the vaccine, but from some illness she must have contracted before receiving the vaccine. I also know of one man in Quebec, the daycare provider of a friend-of-a-friend, who died a few days after the vaccine. Again, this was not in the news and was not reported as a vaccine-related death, although everyone who knew of this death personally believed it was associated with the shot because he developed a reaction immediately after receiving it and died within a few days. Also, the 41-year-old woman who died in Quebec after receiving her shot was said in the media to have died from ‘swine flu’ that she must have caught just before receiving the vaccine. If just among my own contacts, I could locate 2 cases of GBS and one death, it seems that these occurrences are not all that rare. Considering this and the fact that some deaths that were given media attention were claimed to have been caused by coincidentally –occurring swine flu, it goes to show that probably many additional death or reactions have occurred that were not officially reported to have been vaccine-associated.
Risk of severe side effects are said to be 1/100000. Weigh this against your actual risk of catching flu and having severe complications from it. If you have no underlying health concerns your risk is much lower than 1/100000. Factor in the effectiveness of the vaccine at reducing deaths and hospitalizations- this will be a problem because the vaccine has never proven to have these benefits for the population in general and the evidence for it giving them to seniors in homes is sketchy, according to the Cochrane review.
See the LaPresse article here:
Notice that NO flu shot flyer or ad will ever claim that receiving the vaccination reduces your risk of hospitalization and/or death. This is because these benefits have never been demonstrated. All propaganda only states that the flu is highly contagious, results in deaths and hospitalizations, and the vaccine reduces your chance of contracting the flu- they leave it up to you to extrapolate that by reducing your chance of getting sick you will reduce your chance of ending up in the hospital or dying. But in reality, this benefit has never manifested. I don’t know whether this is because ‘benefit’ of the temporary immunity the vaccine gives you against one strain of flu is offset by the overall damage the vaccine causes by weakening or damaging your immune system. Complications from flu are rare to begin with in otherwise healthy children and adults, who make up the majority of the population, so perhaps the noxious effects of injecting these people with viruses, neurotoxins and other junk can in and of themselves cause just as much trouble as catching the flu. And for those with weakened immune systems, who respond poorly to the vaccines anyway, it’s possible that again the vaccine does more harm than good. Remember that studies have shown that receiving a flu shot one year actually increases your chance of catching the flu the next year- probably because you have traded short-term vaccine-induced immunity for long-lasting natural immunity. Instead of topping up your immune system naturally every fall, you give it a short boost and then leave in compromised in the long term. That is one possibility. Studies such as the one from the Mayo clinic have also shown that asthmatic children who received flu vaccinations were more, not less, likely to be hospitalized from flu-related complications.
In any case, the flu shot doesn’t work and this one in particular has resulted in an uncommonly high number of severe side effects like GBS. In addition, it has been found that the supposed ‘pandemic swine flu’ was actually 1/10th as deadly as the regular seasonal flu.
Canada’s purchase of 50 million doses of this garbage vaccine was a phenomenal waste of money and will probably have additional repercussions as Canadians suffer delayed damaging effects from the adjuvanted vaccine. It looks to me like this is what happens when you have politicians deciding public health policy instead of physicians, and when those politicians are under the orders of the WHO, who is now being investigated for falsely declaring a pandemic and acting in the interests of vaccine manufacturers instead of the public good.
According to Dr Wolfgang Wodarg, former head of health at the Council of Europe, “ It looks like the WHO is under the influence of industry. It was stated in panic-stricken terms that this was a flu that could threaten humanity. This is why billions of medications were bought.”
Visit Wodarg’s website here:


4 responses to “Swine Flu and Vaccine: The Aftermath

  1. My neighbour nearly died after taking the H1N1 shot. He was in hosipital for 8 days and nearly died. I have heard of several others who have had severe reactions to the vaccine. All of which are unreported in MSM. They are LYING to you when they tell you there were hardly any side effects and the vaccines are safe.

  2. At the “Canadians for health freedom” website they have a section where people can write about side effects they or someone close to them experienced . There are quite a few bad reactions listed and also a death of a 14 month old.

  3. OMG 45% of Canadians did get the shot?!

    I think in Germany and France, it was below 10% who could be bothered.

    What definitely helped a lot in Germany was the news that our dear gov and the army had ordered an adjuvant-free, mercury-free vaccine for themselves, and a very different vaccine for everybody else.

    There is some major waking up to the dangers of vaccines happening here. I’ve talked to a number of people, among them an acting teacher and a lecturer, who routinely tell their new students about the dangers of vaccines and promote detoxing as a necessity for modern humans.

    And one man whom I tried to truth told me among his doctor friends, there was not a single one who would get the swine flu vaccine himself.

  4. My niece told me of a teenager whom she knew who was termporarily paralyzed; 3 of collagues at work told me of: (1) a pregnant woman who collapsed after getting home from taking the shot; her aunt passed by unexpectedly and found her on the floor; by getting her to the hospital in time, they saved the baby (2) a neighbor whose lungs filled with fluid after taking the shot, was in hospital for weeks (I will follow up, every day I kept asking my colleage about his neighbor and there was no change, still in hospital; I will ask again about him, what was the final result; (3) an aunt who had open heart surgery 10 years ago and due to various other health conditions was in a weakened immune state, and upon getting the h1n1 shot, developed the swine flu; she was in intenstive care in a life/death situation for over 2 weeks and survived! as my colleague said, if she could survive the swine flu, anybody can! and finally a Facebook friend told of a 2 year old she knew who had heart & kidney failure upon taking the shot and died! I heard all these stories within the same month…! I think we all know someone. PS…..GOOD for Germany, please keep up the information; you are perhaps more wary of your government; here in Canada, everyone looks at you as if you are crazy if you question Health Canada, the policy makers and of course the media outlets that placed the h1n1 dangers on the FRONT page for weeks! the hype, the marketing, the campaign was incredible and slick….; but I think now, more people are getting the message; this is good because the “next one” won’t hopefully be gobbled up as the gospel truth so quickly……(let us hope!)

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