US military and Haiti: A Bloody History

The following video and text were posted by my husband, Arron (aka BarbarianRebellion). This will give you a little history on Bush & Clinton and the US and UN’s history of military involvement in Haiti.

While Bill Clinton was Governor of Arkansas. Bill and Hillary presided over the biggest cocaine importation program in US history. During that time they amassed a lot of enemies. And so as it goes with all mafia families, people started suspiciously dropping like flies. Many deaths were ruled suicides even though there were five bullet holes in the corpse or even if there was a single blast to the back of the head!

Whether the Haiti earthquake was HAARP or not. One has to wonder why the United States and the UN appears to have been getting ready for this disaster long b4 it happened.

The U.S. government plans to expropriate and demolish the homes of hundreds of Haiti’s most impoverished by expanding the U.N. military occupation force’s outpost in the giant shantytown of Cite Soleil.

The infamous U.S. government contractor DynCorp, a quasi-official arm of the Pentagon and the CIA, is responsible for expanding the base named “Konbit pou lape” (Get Together for Peace), which houses the soldiers of the U.N. Mission to Stabilize Haiti (MINUSTAH) in the most bullet-ridden battleground of the foreign military occupation that began after U.S. Special Forces kidnapped President Jean-Bertrand Aristide and his wife from their home and flew them into exile on Feb. 29, 2004.…

…and if that isn’t enough, right after the Aristide Coup the US went strait to work building a brand new Green Zone Compound. Not in Port au Prince, where you would expect to find an embassy, but 8 miles out of the of the capital, near the airport. This facility is massive! Bigger than the one they recently built in Mumbai India, and that city has 4 times the population than that of Haiti. Why would they build such a large fortification in a small impoverished country like Haiti? These embassies are not really embassies at all in this New World Order. They are self contained, with their own water filtration and stores. Sports facilities gas stations etc… A small sovereign city state within an occupied territory. Now I know we are moving from one calamity to the next, as the NWO dishes them out, but there is something really strange about this particular operation in Haiti. In light of the info I shared with you in my last video on the Haiti earthquake, I for one, am going to be keeping my ear to the ground. Because if it is what I think it is, this is going to turn out to be earth shattering for all of us! Until the next time friends Rock n’ Roll…


2 responses to “US military and Haiti: A Bloody History

  1. Really nice work! Thanks for the info.

  2. Loving the youtube vids. Great blog too. Keep up the good work and spread the word. All the best from the A-Wave command center.

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