Nanny State Gone Mad!

9-Year-Old Nearly Gets Suspended for Lego Toy gun

When little Patrick Timoney got caugt playing in his Staten Island school cafeteria with a 2” Lego gun, he got sent to the principal’s office, was made to sign some papers, and was nearly suspended. His parents managed to talk the principal out of suspending their son. This morning, my son aimed the toilet plunger and shot me. Pow! Pow! Maybe we should ban toilet plungers. Personally, I’d rather have him playing with a gun than that filthy thing.

Man sent to jail for having manga ‘child pornography’

Christopher Handley was sentenced to 6 months in prison for importing manga comics. He was prosecuted under the ‘Protect Act’ of 2003, which deemed this material to be ‘obscene’. This makes about as much sense as Australia’s ban on small-chested women from porn, to ‘protect the kids’. If manga and modestly endowed women are a threat to children’s safety, then so is the work of Egon Schiele. Egg on what? No, it’s not something you have for breakfast. This Austrian painter whose work was influenced by Gustav Klimt portrayed some female subjects who look like they were about 13 in great pubic detail. Go see Nu Adosse (reclining nude, my translation),with her middle finger jammed into her most private parts and explain to me why this is not ‘child porn’, while manga is. I see where this is heading and pretty soon we’ll be burning artworks and books alongside witches. And if you’re checking out Schiele, while you’re at it have a look at “Nu a la chevelure noire” from 1910 and tell me if she looks a day over 12.

Police Cuff 10-Year-Old Boy For Making Too Much Noise

Lukas Gurzynski was handcuffed by the Ottawa police. He was playing in his parents’ apartment with his friends, acting out some kind of fantasy game, and a neighbour called the police. The police stated they use handcuffs whenever they perceive a threat. The family is suing and Lukas wants an apology but says he’s not holding a grudge. The video report ended with a shot of the boy playing video games. It occurs to me that kids don’t get nearly enough time outside or enough good exercise and they spend way too many hours in front of a screen playing games. Maybe the problem here is that boisterous pre-teen boys shouldn’t be cooped up in an apartment so much. You can’t blame the parents: life is just like that these days, people have a lack of options. But to treat a kid like a criminal for playing too loudly is just wrong.

BAN EVERYTHING: inappropriate interventions, ludicrous laws, and bogus bans
Video: Nanny State Nation with Drew Carey

Sept 2009 Alabama Supreme court banned sex toys

New York wants to ban fish pedicures

Actual Skype conversation:
[12:47:04 AM] sonia: who would give a fish a pedicure? that sounds like a waste of money to me. Crazy rich people, lol.
[12:48:09 AM] Kristen: it’s popular in Japan, you put your feet in water with fish. The fish eat the dead skin. NY wanted to banned it
[12:54:18 AM] sonia: so the fish is giving the pedicure, not receiving it. ridiculous either way. more ridiculous to ban it. what do they think? people will get their feet eaten off?

Water buffalo banned from protest rallies in Indonesia

Protesters used a buffalo as a protest sign when they wrote ‘sibuya’ on a buffalo’s butt and paraded it down the street during a rally. ‘SiBuYa’ are apparently the same initials as the President. I guess their language uses a syllabary instead of an alphabet. In their culture it must be a big insult to liken someone to the back end of a water buffalo, because this caused a lot of outrage from the government. Solution: ban water buffalos from rallies, of course.

Guns and other weapons that are banned in Canada:

List includes any kind of switch blade or stiletto, tear gas and pepper spray. “any liquid, spray, powder or other substance that is capable of injuring, immobilizing or otherwise incapacitating any person”- I think Raid would have this effect. Should we ban raid? Or should we not worry about it because it doesn’t fit in your purse? Pepper spray was once quite popular with women who were against being raped. I guess for all the lip service they pay about rape prevention, they don’t want to give women the power to defend themselves. A screamer is legal-for now- but rapists don’t usually strike in public areas with a lot of people around. So how much good is that going to do you if you’re in your own apartment or some deserted road or parking garage? 90% of rapes are committed by someone the victim knows, most of it is date-rape, happens in a home. How hard would it be to just throw the screamer out the window or flush it down the toilet? It would be harder to do that if you have pepper spray in your eyes, though.

France bans Red Bull, gets overruled by EU

France recently attempted to ban Red Bull, which contains caffeine, sugar and amino acids and has been ‘linked to several death’. I’d like to point out that Ritalin has also been linked to several death and nothing is being done about banning that. Alcohol, too, is ‘linked to deaths’. Among other things. What is interesting is that “The European Commission (EC) challenged France’s ban after manufacturers complained it was inhibiting imports.

In a ruling yesterday, the European Court of Justice upheld the main part of the EC challenge, ordering France to lift the ban unless it could prove the health risks. But the court said that the French government did have a right to ban Red Bull.”
Take home message here: member countries of the EU have lost their sovereignty. In a stellar example of NWO double-think, the EU overrides Frances decision and then affirms that France has the right to ban Red Bull.
Contains 80mg of caffeine. One can of Red Bull contains 80mg of caffeine – equivalent to one cup of coffee. Three years ago, Ross Cooney, 18, from Ireland, died after he shared four cans of Red Bull and played in a basketball match.
Sometimes this happens without redbull. Why don’t they take the approach they take when it comes to deaths after-say- vaccination and declare that ‘no causal relationship could be established’?

Below is a link to a list of bizarre laws concerning food around the world. Includes law against giving moose beer in Alaska. What does that tell you about Alaskans? As my friend Elvie Red Deer would say ,”Cause there’s nothing more fun than watching a moose catch a buzz on a Saturday night’. This law probably accounts for the ever-increasing number of reindeer entering rehab these days.


4 responses to “Nanny State Gone Mad!

  1. This is a fabulous post! LOVE IT! Hilarious!
    NOTE: “Nanny” state is sometimes spelled “P-O-L-I-C-E state” and is often associated with “F-A-S-C-I-S-M”

    You guys rock!

  2. Isn’t it amazing how much they are getting away with? Now everyone is a terrarist. How can people be so asleep?

    Truth is the greatest love and ignorance is the greatest evil.

  3. Great great! bookmarked this post right away!

  4. Thank you very much. You are a very brave as well as a very decent girl. As far as the nanny state is concerned, it is not always benign. Seatbelts and air bags are the biggest fraud in human history and have killed thousands of people. Regarding your very interesting video on the underwear bomber, I don’t know what the facts of the case are, but I am an aeronautical engineer by training and it seems to me most unlikely that either the shoe bomber or the underwear bomber could have brought down an airplane with the explosives they had. Even if you blow a small hole, or even a moderate sized hole,in the side of an airplane, you can cause a decompression but it will not bring down the plane. Airplanes have survived with very large holes in them. I doubt if either of these two men would even have blown a hole in the side of the airplane. That leaves the possibility of setting the seat on fire but I think that could have been contained before it got out of hand. It stands to reason that with no terrorist incidents since 9/11 they have to create one every once in a while to justify the “war on terror”.

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