Joe Stack- False Flag?

At about 10:00am EST on February 18, 2010, software engineer Joe Stack crashed his twin-engine Cherokee plane into the IRS building in Austin, Texas. Immediately, the debate started of whether he should be considered a martyr or a terrorist, and the media made claims that ‘extremist groups’ were hailing Stack as a hero. As much as I didn’t want to believe that the incident could be another false flag, I found that after looking at the circumstances, there were a lot of strange things about the case and it did start to look more and more like som ekind of an inside job. Personally, I am completely against the use of any kind of violence as a form of protest against government injustice or anything else, for that matter. Joe Stack supposedly committed suicide in this way because he had been wronged by the IRS and the diatribe he published on his website shortly before carrying out his actions was called a ‘suicide note’ and was used as evidence of his reasons for the attack. i don’t know what he really expected to accomplish, other than furthering the agenda of the NWO by giving the US government more excuses to further take away people’s freedom in the name of security.

Timeline of events:

Stack updated his website at 9:12 am (10:12 EST)

9:15 am Joe Stack’s house goes up in flames. Witness says “Its sounded like a small bomb went off”. Conflicting reports of whether wife and daughter drove up just when fire trucks arrived or were rescued from burning house

Sheryl Stack spent previous night in hotel with daughter Margaux. Former bandmate of Stack says act was out of character:

Hazmat Teams in place before crash: Megan Riley on Austin News

Explosives in Plane? ABC News

Windows exploded, “It felt like a bomb went off”, reminded victims of 9/11, “the plane hit with a “big whoomp” and then a second explosion”–tax-rage-spurs-texas-crash?bn=1

Witnesses: nearby buildings shook

Plane may have been loaded with stolen drum of extra fuel

Stack’s daughter says letter doesn’t sound like it was written by him. Body of 2nd victim identified as Vernon Hunter:

Alex Jones reports FBI had prior knowledge, were anticipating attack

Joe Stack’s NSA and defense contractor-related clients

Strange parallels with the Sam Byck case:

Movie trailer of “The Plot To Kill Nixon” (2007) about Sam Byck


3 responses to “Joe Stack- False Flag?

  1. Thanks, didn’t realize Glenn Beck et al. were exploiting this. But Sarah Palin is a Tea Partier, isn’t she? Hard to know what Beck’s rants are intended to do. Maybe just provoke and see which way the wind blows.

  2. Whenever there is an “event” in this country now my suspicions are high. This government took the baton from Bush who took the baton from Clinton and so on and so on and SO ON. Violence has been ingrained in this country’s very fabric. Occupying, forcing sanctions, setting up military bases across the world and wreaking death and destruction to the severest degree to obtain paticular goals .
    History shows us Violence is Glorified and embraced and neccessary it seems. Whether this was a FF manipulated event or a genuinely distrubed man at his wits end it’s the continuation of a norm accepted to solve conflicts. Violence. The “do as I say , not as I do” is disinegrating. The government’s worldwide have conditioned their people in violence. Do they think that it will not …have it’s repercussions ? Of course not.
    It’s All by design yet I believe they will loose control of their brainwashed addicts eventually and ” that ” will be their undoing.

  3. Sonia, you’re right on target with condemning Joe Stack’s kamikaze flight into the Echelon building! It’s another troubling case and reminds me most of the Pentagon on 9/11. There was a sparse number in the area hit and the damage is inconsistent with the small plane involved–too much damage. The hazmat drill that was taking place just across the street all raise serious doubts! The one real question avoided so far, is what was housed in that area of the IRS building? I suspect, some records needed to be destroyed?

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