Haiti: Dirty Deeds and Filthy lies

The following article and video were contributed by Arron Alan, aka BarbarianRebellion.

Well, it’s been about a month and a half since the attack on Haiti and I guess many people are turning to other pressing matters which the NWO has served up since.
Yeah sure, there have been plenty of catastrophes and life goes on. Right? Wrong!
I think this one is quite a bit different owing to the incredible power that their new toy appears to possess.
Or is it really a new toy? Some speculate that they used this weapon to intensify and steer Hurricane Katrina. Or what about the tsunami in Indonesia? I didn’t hear that many satisfactory conspiracy theories regarding those disasters and besides, the planet is about to undergo a pole shift so these things are not impossible. But this earthquake has too many questions which, as usual, the lame stream media doesn’t even bother to ask. That is why we must demand answers!
The very fact that the US government is moving fast toward bringing concentration camps out into the open in America must show anyone who knows better, that they regard the constitution and the “common law” of the land, null and void. I know. You’re probably thinking that this is a far away place which has no bearing on your life, but think again. One of the major things they are going to do with this disaster is push for terrorists to be interned within the borders of the USA. Remember when the War 4 Terror began? They were claiming that they could carry out unconstitutional acts including torture and disregarding habeas corpus, because that wasn’t in America. Guantanamo Bay was considered a jurisdiction onto itself. Well now, they are bringing it here because they know that they don’t even need to bother with such trifles as making excuses to the American people now that they are free to torture people and detain them indefinitely, without charge. How long do you think it will be before they begin treating Americans in the same manner?


9 responses to “Haiti: Dirty Deeds and Filthy lies

  1. “This regionalization is in keeping with the TriLateral Plan which calls for a gradual convervgence of East and West, ultimately leading toward the goal of “one world government”…National sovereignty is no longer a viable concept..” Zbigniew Brzezinski, National Security Advisor to President Jimmy Carter. { Their plan is accelllerating – their goal has always been in sight }

  2. “…How long do you think it will be before they begin treating Americans in the same manner ?”

    … and Europeans ❓

  3. I agree completely, Sonia. You can’t help but suspect HAARP, these days? It’s been almost two hundred years since a quake hit there. Haiti is a different but I believe it’s another resource grab. It’s been known for a long time that Haiti has oil. George Demorenshild, Oswald’s handler in the Dallas area, was an engineer who made trips to Haiti in the early sixties. US environmental laws have also made setting up an oil refinery in Haiti very attractive. Further, they couldn’t allow the native people to profit from their resources, could they? It’s part of a frightening global domination project.

  4. You guys are just crazy, maybe LaRouche people. You are as crazy as the Tea Baggers in the US with all those crazy conpiracy theories. You do have a lot of times in your hands up there in Canada though. Wow, nuts are everywhere these days, not just in the US.

  5. Sonia America meddles in every country & makes sure that if they have resources, there is so much political instability that they will never get developed till America is ready to exploit them.
    Africa, in fact any country that Blacks live in are all underdeveloped intentionally solely for the purpose of stealing their resources when required.
    This is all documented. I also thought Haiti was HARRPed & dug around till I found the info on a drill that was being initiated from Florida for Haiti hurricane relief the day before. Drills & False Flags to ensure the attack goes off without to many problems.

  6. RenegadeTimes

    NickiBoy03 ~ Absolutely correct. Together with the IMF the destruction of many a country’s wealth and resources has been manipulated . See how Brazil failed from the IMF. See how the IMF procurs land and resources across the world. The list is endless. The ruling class ( bankers) wreak devastation and unreperable land destruction and has total immunity for any responsibility. Agent Orange in Viet Nam STILL produces generation after generation of deformities and unuseable toxic land for farming. While American’s went through their lives ( so far ) unscathed and unaware of their gov’ts sanctions and bullying as well as the IMF’s intended destruction
    across the world, little did they realize it would come back on them to accept it’s repercussions. That the UN and IMF want total control and it’s charter replace the U.S. constitution with the total innihilation of national sovereignty. This is “their” future for America.

  7. @ Renegade Times Yes all true what you have said but,I think that the UN & IMF are the front line troops the grunts so to speak for the Bank of International Settlements. This bank is the most secretive of all & every Central Bank including the IMF are subject to their directives. No public access,their employee’s do not pay taxes,also they are protected by Diplomatic status. The Bank itself works above any sovereign laws any where in the world.
    The Basel Accords are the BIS’s little puppy and all Fed/Central Banks world wide have to abide by.
    There was rumors floating around on the internet for the Fed Reserve to get into line with the latest Basel Accord China had to loan them Gold because the Fed couldnt come up with the required amount.
    BIS is located in Basel- Switzerland & they have armed guards protecting them.

  8. Here is a video titled 30 Little Known Facts about America & All Commonwealth Country’s can be included America is not alone. We have already lost our sovereignty we just dont know it.
    The reason that they can if they want implement the North American Union without our consent is we do not have voting rights in our corporate governments.
    Voting has always been an illusion Ceo’s of Corporations do not get voted in they are selected.

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