Moscow Bombings-Advance Knowledge

On March 29, 2010, two suicide bombers struck in the Moscow Metro (subway), killing 39 people.

According to an article in the Guardian, authorities had been warned in advance that there would likely be an attack on the Moscow subway. Three telegrams had been distributed among law enfocement, but no action was taken. A woman who was detained for reasons unrelate dto the incident overhead a senior officer say “How could you let them through when we had the information?”

On March 31, a second suicide attack occurred in Dagestan, involving a car bomb and a suicide bomber dressed as a policeman, killing a total of 12 people and injuring 28 more. The bombings have been attributed to ‘The Black Widows’, a group of wives, daughters and sisters of Chechnyans killed by Russians during Chechnya’s war of secession.

In response to the march 29 incident, the NYPD has been sending cops into the New York subway armed with macine guns, as well as doing rounds with bomb sniffing dogs and random bag checks.
Evidently, in NWO logic, the equation goes something like this:
subway attack in Russia= police state needed in America.

Now, what remains to be seen whether anyone happened to be running any kind of drill on the 29th of March. It wouldn’t surprise me if they were. Nothing surprises me anymore.


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