Polish Plane Crash: NWO Coup D’Etat?

The April 10th plane crash that killed Polish Presiden Lech Kaczynski, his wife, the head of the Polish bank, severl MPs and other politicians, and all the top Polish military brass is highly suspicious, to say the least.
Here is a list of strange things surrounding the crash, just off the top of my head:
– It is odd that all these important members of the Polish government and military were travelling on the same plane. As a matter of strandard procedure, this is not usually done, just in case there is an accident.
– The plane was equipped with a sensor that should have warned the pilot that the plane was to low.
– A special radar machine that was used to guide planes was removed from the Smolensk airport the day before the crash.
– Runway lights at the airport were moved an hour after the crash, causing some to speculate that they had intentionally been placed where they would guide the plane into the woods instead of where it should have gone.
– Footage of the immediate aftermath showed no bodies and gunshots could be heard coming from the nearby woods, causing some to speculate that survivors were shot.
– No footage of bodies or body bags at the scene has been shown anywhere in the media.
– The day before the crash, the Polish government and bank had decided to take steps to intentionally lower the value of the Polish currency, the zloty, against the wishes of the EU who said such a move was not good ‘for the collective’, even though it would have benefited Polands economy.
– Black box recordings show that there were no technical problems with the plane.
– Black box recordings also show that the pilot was not pressured to land by his VIP passengers, against control tower orders. The media had been speculating that the crash was due to ‘VIP syndrome’.
– Media reports claimed that the accident may have been due to communication failure as a result of the control tower operators speaking in Russian, but colleagues of the pilot stated that he spoke Russian fluently.

Personally, I think Poland was just not toeing the line with the NWO and a coup d’etat was staged so that they could be replaced with NWO puppets. It is not insignificant that Poland refused to buy and distribute swine flu vaccines last fall during the H1N1 scam, as any country’s willingness to submit to ‘recommendations’ of the WHO concerning swine flu vaccination campaigns was a good reflection of their submission to NWO and supranational government in general.

Here is my take on the situation a couple of days after it happened.

Here is Jane Burgermeister’s coverage of the Polish plane crash situation as well as the refusal of Obama, Angela Merkel, and others to attend the funral at Wawel Castle, citing the Icelandic volcanic ash cloud as an excuse, although as Burgermeister points out, the German chancellor could have travelled by land.


8 responses to “Polish Plane Crash: NWO Coup D’Etat?

  1. It was the 10th of April.

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  4. Does have the odour of being a major cover-up, not really reported in the UK Press as far as I can see. This is bad for Poland, as brief mention last night upon Eastern Europeans by a woman talking to Gordon Brown being called a ‘bigot’. Lo & behold all possible connotations removed; so must be important as PM surrendered his job to hide this.

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