Man Who Filmed Polish Plane Crash Assassinated

And update on what as been coming out regarding the plane crash of April 10 in Smolenks, Russia, in which most of the Polish government and all the highest-ranking members of the Polish military were killed. Andrei Mendierej, the man who filmed the crash scene immediately after the incident, was stabbed in Kiev and brought to hospital in critical condition, where someone then unplugged him from life support and stabbed him 3 more times. The Russian government claims this is a coincidence. In the video below, you will see that there are several unidentified people at the crash site, possibly survivors. On is seen lying on the ground, stretching his hands up. You can also hear someone say ‘Don’t shoot us’, followed by gunshots and laughter. In addition to this, it has been reported that the bodies of the pilots have not been recovered/identified. See Jane Burgermeister’s blog (link below) for more details on this.

Video of polish crash site in which shots can be heard:

Film maker Andrei Mendierej assassiated

Ct Patriot:

Jane Burgermeister’s blog, where she is closely following the Polish plane crash story:

2 responses to “Man Who Filmed Polish Plane Crash Assassinated

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  2. A mainstream news source has finally decided to put their spin on this information, calling it a “malicious hoax” that has led to many anti-Russian conspiracy theories. (go figure)

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