Oil Rig- Was it North Korea?


9 responses to “Oil Rig- Was it North Korea?

  1. Atlas Shrugged

    “I shall destroy every last bit of it and every last penny of my fortune and every ounce of copper that could feed the looters. I shall not leave it as I found it- I shall leave it as Sebastian dAnconia found it- then let them try to exist without him or me! ” Ayn Rand

    11 workers killed. The drilling rig name was ‘Deepwater Horizon’ .
    Horizon / Horus? “Horus of the horizon”. Horus of the deep?

  2. BP is Green.
    The Eye of Horus is personified as the goddess Wadjet. The name Wadjet means ‘GREEN’ hence ‘the GREEN one’ and has the image of a cobra.
    Wadjet is celebrated on APRIL 21. The BP oil spill followed the APRIL 20 explosion.

    Is Bp’s logo the Green Cobra’s scales and sun? Going green really means going Wadjet?

  3. Wadjet’s shrine is the House of Flame ( Deepwater Horizon?) patron of the Delta.

    Delta: An area of the south-central United States

  4. Wadjet is celebrated on APRIL 21. The BP oil spill followed the APRIL 20 explosion.

    The explosion and fire was reported about 10 p.m. April 20 which makes it April 21 in Egypt.

  5. If the ‘All Seeing Eye’ is Wadjet’s, then maybe the ” Eye ” is her vagina and cervix?

  6. ur kinda nutty…

  7. so what your saying is that because the US wants a military base in North Korea as well as South Korea there will be media reports blaming them from everything from torpedoing South Korean ships to blowing up oil rigs off the US coast?

    This is the most ridiculous thing I heard since the fragment of torpedo with ‘North Korean initials’ on it conveniently turned up.

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