Given Gestapo Treatment for Handing Out Jury Info

While handing out jury info pamphlets, Julian Heicklen and his 2 friends were harassed by a private security guard, local law enforcement, and US Marshalls. Here is the info they were giving the public:
“The judge will instruct the jury that they must uphold the law as he gives it. He will be lying. The jury must judge the law as well as the facts. Juries were instituted to protect citizens from the tyranny of government. It is not the duty of the jury to uphold the law. It is the jury’s duty to see that justice is done.”

They were accused of ‘protesting’ because they were holding a sign that said ‘Jury Info’ and passing out pamphlets! Apparently offering information is protesting, which is apparently illegal- or at least these officers would like to think it is. In the video, you will see the following:

One security guard threatens the men in question, approaching the one who is videotaping threatening to ram his camera down his throat.
All-pervasive threat of terrorism is cited as reason for the impromptu interrogation.
The security guards demand to know the three men’s names and why they are there. When one asks if Julian has a permit, he hands him a pocket constitution and tells him, “That’s my permit”.
One of the police officers, who obviously doesn’t have to know the law to enforce it, suggests that it is illegal to videotape him. When he is confronted with the fact that it is not, he proposes that it could be construed as ‘interfering with a police investigation’, which it obviously isn’t since no crime has been committed or is being investigated.

In Pennsylvania, activist George Donnelly was arrested for filming Julien Heicklen while the latter handed out jury info pamphlets. See the following:

Clearly, the police make it up as they go along, they do whatever they want, they serve the corporation of America, not the American public, and they perceive it to be a dangerous act to educate the public.

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