Gulf of Mexico Oil Rig Blowout -Part 2

Links and notes from The Truther Girls radio show May 19:

I covered this extensively on the radio, so if you are really interested in this topic, I would recommend you download the May 19th episode of The Truther Girls and you will get all the details, including Credo Mutwa’s apocalyptical predictions.

What went wrong? First you have the lack of an acoustic switch, thanks to deregulation. Then you have the statistically unlikely failure of several layers of other safety systems. Add to that preventing the media from reporting on the true level of severity of what is going on, plus a climate change bill on the table, and a situation that can lead to laws that could bring on what the Copenhagen Agreement hoped to accomplish, and what do you get?
A very, very convenient catastrophe- at least for the globalists.

When Deepwater Horizon was built in 2001, MMS (Minerals Management Services, a government agency) allowed BP to build the rig without an acoustic switch which would have sensed any explosion and capped the wellhead right away. This was a typical case of the regulatory body, MMS, being in bed with the corporation it was supposed to be overseeing, BP , much like the FDA is supposed to be overseeing the work of Monsanto, when this company has used their influence to put at the head of the FDA people who serve Monsanto’s interests. Not installing an acoustic switch allowed BP to save about $500 000. The rig also had a blowout preventer which has about 10 failsafes on it, several on the ground, i.e. panic buttons, sensors and alarms, and 3 at the well head site itself. This should normally ensure that the well is automatically capped as soon as there is any sign of a problem, and this type of system is virtually 100% reliable.
Is it a coincidence that Obama had just lifted the moratorium when the disaster occurred. This lifting gives the impression that the government supports offshore drilling, when the larger agenda of the Obama administration and the globalists who put Obama in power is to decrease Western industrialization, lower our standard of living, and lower the population. Problem: offshore drilling causes environmental disasters. Reaction: offshore drilling is bad and dangerous. Solution: you can have offshore drilling, but I’ll bet you don’t want it, and since we have this disaster we’re probably going to have to impose radical new ‘climate change-related’ laws on the citizens, which will actually be doing nothing other than furthering the agenda of the Copenhagen Summit, which the WHO, another arm of the globalists, has recently bolstered by taking it upon themselves to be the ones to implement the agenda of Internet taxes, another form of wealth redistribution in the name of health for all. Environmentalism is, as we know, the front for global communism and wealth redistribution.

From the uk article, to which the link is provided below, points made regarding regarding Kerry and Lieberman’s Climate Change Bill:
1st- The two Senators deliberately gave a boost to offshore drilling under a strategy that saw the Obama administration and the White House working to build support among Republicans and industries that stood to be affected by the new regulations

After the disaster:
2nd- Some Democratic Senators are now threatening to vote against any climate bill that allows expanded drilling. “I will have a very hard time ever voting for offshore drilling again,” Senator Jay Rockefeller, a West Virginia Democrat told reporters. (Funny they should use Rockefeller as an example)

3rd- The White House is also trying to use the disaster to make a case for a bill. “This accident, this tragedy, is actually heightening people’s interest in energy in this country and in wanting a different energy plan,” Carol Browner, the White House climate adviser told Bloomberg television at the weekend.

As Rahm Emmanuel once said, “Never let a crisis go to waste”.

Haliburton oversaw cementing job, drilling mud replaced with seawater, all safety mechanisms failed, deemed statistically unlikely by Princeton professor.

This acoustic swtich system is mandatory everywhere in the world except the USA, due to deregulation from the Bush era.

Blowout preventer damaged weeks before blowout, pieces of rubber surfacing, staff told to ignore it:

CBS reporter was recently threatened by Coast Guard acting on behalf of BP for filming oil spill

Scientists from the European Space Agency say BP has so far not been able to contain the gusher and oil is expected to his the coast of Florida within 6 days.

White House aims to use Deepwater disaster to win votes for US climate bill

Wayne Madsen’s blog: A lot of good info here. Corps of Engineers asked for satellite imagery from NASA, were refused.

Reports in Internet forum that African shaman Credo Mutwa stated that half the population of the earth would die in 2011 and that the cause would be oil.


5 responses to “Gulf of Mexico Oil Rig Blowout -Part 2

  1. This is off topic, it’s about another kind of pollution, toxic pesticides on strawberries. This article was disturbing:

  2. Thanks for sharing this interesting and informative post…have to agree it was rather suspicious how within days of Obama’s seemingly outward promotion of oil drilling this major incident happened. Prayers go out to the good folks along the Gulf Coast.

    Keep bringing us the truth.

  3. Sonya,

    Check out the youtube video: It predicted a disaster in the gulf back in 2008: Look at the dates, as well: OK City; April 19.
    Waco seige April 19 (ended)
    Deep horizon (reported) April 20

    False flags/fed-created disasters form a masonic square and compass.

  4. I recommend ppl listen to this interview.

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