EMERGENCY ALERT! RELOCATION PLANS SET-UP? [WARNING: video may lead sensitive viewers to cry]

Photohelix shows us UN patty-wagons in “Reynold’s Airpark” on Google Earth:

NewsWatch Magazine shows you a 3 dimensional view of these vehicles:

After Obama denied responsibility for cleaning up the oil spill, it appears he rather destitute the land and water so the UN Forces can relocate the debtors. Or is that completely wild and impossible?


2 responses to “EMERGENCY ALERT! RELOCATION PLANS SET-UP? [WARNING: video may lead sensitive viewers to cry]

  1. The MASS AWAKENING of the American people to the treacherous abuse they are suffering from the Great Abuser/Communicator named Obama will necessitate martial law sooner, rather than later — in order for this Crime Family Junta to remain in control. How Obama was groomed is detailed in this telling postscript to the BIG STORY about Obama & his buddies at Man’s Country in Chicago, recently exposed, so to speak, by Wayne Madsen. But there is MORE – WHAT MADSEN LEFT OUT. Here it is, folks:

    A reader of http://www.rumormillnews.com had an incredible postscript – what’s incredible anymore? – appear in connection with the Madsen revelations on Thursday, May 27th, right smack in “The Rumor Mill Reading Room,” as reposted by “watcher51445”.

    If you REALLY want this to heat up, why don’t you post this on your blog also?

    The Rumor Mill News Reading Room

    Big Thanks Re: TomFloccoSends WMR: BREAKING! Obama & Emanual: Same Gay Bath House Members in Chicago

    Posted By: watcher51445
    Date: Thursday, 27-May-2010 11:23:13
    In Response To: TomFloccoSends WMR: BREAKING! Obama & Emanual: Same Gay Bath House Members in Chicago (watcher51445)

    The following e-mail was sent to you via The Rumor Mill News Reading Room from C.T.:

    “Big Thanks for reposting the entire Wayne Madsen piece on Obama. Larry Sinclair informed his website readers he was hoping Madsen would get the word out for him (and I’ve been following the story from late 2007). Madsen checked Sinclair thoroughly, I am sure. And I have always felt Sinclair was legitimate.

    BUT THERE IS MORE TO THIS STORY. I haven’t been able to get anyone to do the investigative work on this. It is REALLY very explosive.

    You see, when Webster Tarpley and Anton Chaitkin collaborated on a published book biography of George W. Bush, they described some aspects of the child/youth prostitution ring which pandered to high-level U.S. politicians, starting in Nebraska in the early 1980’s. You will probably recognize the name of this scandal: “The Franklin Cover-up” – from the title of the expose written by John DeCamp.

    In the Bush book, it states that YOUNG BLACK MEN were recruited for these sex episodes. So it wasn’t just kids, and some of the abused victims were Black.

    The sexual preferences Obama has today for receiving ‘favors’ from white men might go back many years in his personal history. I get gut instincts about things, and over the years I have been amazed at some of my insights.

    This is a story that needs to be explored. Nobody is talking about it. For a year, I have tried to get a response from someone saying it should be looked into.

    GO RIGHT AHEAD AND POST THIS “FROM READER” – Everyone wonders where Obama came from, and how he obtained his political connections. Right?”

    In other words, what this writer is saying is that young Obama, when he ended up on the East coast, was part of the team of ‘boy candy’ which was periodically taken to Washington to take care of top politicians.

    Obama also may actually be younger than we think. His birth certificate, wherever it may be, would have to be consulted. My bet is the depravity involved in his election is not limited to Communist sympathies – although that is pretty dirty also. If you don’t know the story about the Soviets’ planting him in America, via Indonesia I suppose, Google the name “Tom Fife”. OR:


  2. Kendrick Dooley

    This issue disscused here.These vehicles may not be UN but in fact have connections to Haliburton and Dybcorp. Keep up the sterling work ladies.



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