Oil Rig Blowout Update: May 31

These are links to articles and videos discussed on The Truther Girls radio show on the week of May 24-28.
There has been a great effort to mislead the public regarding the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. It has now come out that the ‘live feed’ of the leak is of a smaller leak, about 5-6 miles away from the one that is spewing about 100 000 barrels of oil into the Guf every day. Last Wednesday, May 28, BP made and attempt at the ‘top kill’ method of pumping drilling mud into the hole and claimed soon after that this was somewhat working.

But on MSNBC, Nicholas Pozzi of WOW Energy Solutions said the probability of top-kill working is low and may even cause an explosion and blow top off, making it worse. BP have not put an o-ring in it, so they are basically just pumping mud into the water.( An O-ring is a mechanical gasket to join 2 parts together, creating a seal.)

May 29 it was revealed that the top kill (and junk shot) methods have failed, as anticipated by Mr. Pozzi.

Ixtoc 1 Oil rig blowout of 1979
This blowout in the Gulf of Mexico led to 3 million barrels of oil pouring into the sea and took nearly ten months to stop.
Drilling mud being replaced with seawater (in this case accidentally, as opposed to the intentional replacement of it at Deepwter Horizon, overseen by Haliburton) led to the blowout of the Ixtoc 1 rig. All methods of stopping the leak failed except for drilling a release well. You would think something would have been learned by the oil industry from this experience, but BP is nonetheless attempting all the methods that failed at Ixtoc 1.

Amazing parallels between the Ixtoc 1 blowout and the current crisis. They are nearly identical, including the response and a simultaneously occurring spill in Alaska. How could history repeat itself so precisely?


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