BP Blowout: Evidence of Foreknowledge?

The following was discussed on The Truther Girls radio show on June 7, 2010.

A few suspicious things that may point to foreknowledge:

BP CEO Tony Hayward sold 1.4 million British pounds worth of shares weeks before the blowout

Deepwater Horizon is owned by Transocean

Transocean to make a $270 million profit from insurance policy

The dispersants being used are produced by a company called “Nalco” which was recently aquired by Blackstone Group, Apollo Management L. P., and Goldman Sachs Capital Partners as a joint venture (how convenient) in 2003

Haliburton buys major oil firefighting company Boots & Coots less than 2 weeks before blowout:

Haliburton not to be held responsible, collects on insurance policy: shares jump as result of announcement

Goldman Sachs sells massive amount of BP shares shortly before blowout:

3 responses to “BP Blowout: Evidence of Foreknowledge?

  1. Good job of connecting the dots and exposing this charade for what it is. Senseless, greedy bastards harming innocent wildlife and affecting the lives of the people along the Gulf Coast for “thirty pieces of silver”.

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  3. Sonia and Karen,

    I wanted to pass along a very crucial point to you gals…on your recent show, you were talking about the very odd contrast between the evidence of foreknowledge in the BP disaster and what Lindsey Williams had said on AJ’s show. It was very sharp-witted of you guys to bring that up…(I’m proud of you!)

    Lindsey Williams credibility is superb, and you were right to sound worried, or at least concerned, about the apparent contradiction.

    There was one crucial detail you gals are missing, though. If you pay *close* attention to what he actually said, and juxtapose it with the evidence of foreknowledge, you will see that actually there is no contradiction at all. Let that sink in.

    What Williams said was that the oil people were truly unaware of the severity of the gusher that lay beneath the ocean floor. That’s ALL he said. If one thinks carefully, once can see that BOTH Williams statements AND the evidence of foreknowledge are correct…

    In other words, a network of actors within BP and Halliburton set about to stage an horrendous crisis, that they could then use to their own advantage…but…they screwed up, and even they were surprised by the magnitude of the disaster that they kick-started!

    There’s good news and bad news about this realization, or course, but the point is..it MAKES SENSE NOW. All of the known facts are reconciled with each other. The reports and evidence of foreknowledge are correct, and Lindsey Williams’ credibility remains very very high.

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