Oil Spill- Where Are the Safe Areas?

4 Earth – 12 jun 2010
G. Mcclure – Nashville TN
Permission is granted for all use, with credit. http://georgemcclure.net/journal.html

EPA orders BP to quit Corexit, BP refuses http://www.huffingtonpost.com/edward-f-blizzard/bp-thumbs-its-nose-at-the_b_588686.html

In the U.S. and Canada, midSouth and coastal regions are hit by Gulf winds first, TX LA MS AL FL. Next are inland locations OK AR TN GA, followed by KY OH IL. Looking at population centers, if Corexit travels at toxic levels in the Gulf Stream, up the eastern seaboard of North America, Montreal will be hit after Boston, nearly last. If the dispersion rate is below 2.61ppm, the kill level, areas can be spared.

Winds cycle from the Gulf all the way through Chicago and the Great Lakes and will reach these areas before the far northeastern U.S. and Maritime provinces.

The first truly safe zone begins at the Rocky Mountains and locations such as WY, MT, ID and so on. In Canada, regions from Superior north and west, AB SK and western ON, are safe from Gulf influence.

1.) Intellicast wind direction and speed, U.S. and north america http://images.intellicast.com/National/Wind/Current.aspx

2.) NOAA Wind Map http://www.weather.gov/forecasts/graphical/sectors/conus.php?element=WindSpd
How to read the map: o___/ symbol means wind is blowing from the tail to the center node, or “o” (the dot.) The number of tails // indicates wind velocity.

3.) Intellicast Jet Stream map http://www.intellicast.com/national/wind/jetstream.aspx
Jet stream flows up to 80mph and faster, around 10Km (7 miles) above the surface. Jet streams form at boundaries of different temperature air masses. Jet stream is mostly found at the boundary between the troposphere and stratosphere.

If the toxic Corexit dispersant is caught in the jet stream, it will quickly spread over huge areas, more than one continent and open oceans.

12 jun 2010
george mcclure

4 responses to “Oil Spill- Where Are the Safe Areas?

  1. Thank you for this information. I have been very concerned, with having most of my family in chicago area, and seeing that the winds are going to be/or all ready are, coming dirrectly up from the gulf coast. Not only is the toxic chemicals, from erruption, the really toxic Corexit, but they have also been burning off slicks the last few days, which is creating much toxic black smoke ascending high into the atmosphere….

  2. insanityrules

    worry about the food you will be ingesting, full of toxic chemicals carried by the rains. you can smell the Corexit in the rain here in Pensacola. makes you feel sick.

  3. insanityrules

    the land birds are gone. all over the city it appears that there are very few birds. as all the bugs around my property have vanished [dead?] the birds dont have enough to eat, or they are dead too. heavy pesticide odors with the rain. please try to keep your pets indoors.

  4. does anyone have old jet stream maps? are observations such as insanityrules’ widespread? please write to me at female [DOT] faust [AT] gmail [DOT] com. I found some maps but they are not as good as intellicasts, and i am working on learning to read the data…

    keep up the great work…

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