Are You On The List?

Prime Minister Harper is now working on passing a new bill, C-42, which would give the US Department of Homeland Security the right to prohibit anyone from boarding a plane in Canada that is not destined to land on US soil, but to fly over US airspace on its way to somewhere else. The Canadian government is working on a bill that will expand the American government’s powers! What does that tell you? They say it is legitimate, that the US has a right to control who passes through its airspace, but if this were so legitimate, the US would be able to just declare it a requirement and wouldn’t need the Canadian government to pass a law to implement it.

Under this new law, a Canadian citizen could be barred from boarding if their name is on the list or even if they just happen to have the same name as someone who is on that list.

Meanwhile, the American “Secure Flight Program” began in June of this year for all domestic US flights, adding names to a no-fly list of purported terrorists or people with ties to terrorism, such as this 6-year-old girl.
Because she is 6, obviously not a terrorist, she was allowed to board after all. But I would bet that if an innocent adult somehow ends up on the list, they are just out of luck.


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  1. I like the way your brain works…pretty c ute too

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