Grey Goo: Soylent Green and Flu Shot Production

Montreal Gazette: Maverick Scientists Create First Artificial Genome.

Craig Venter, an apparent mad scientist, has created an artificial, self-replicating bacteria whose ‘parent was a computer’. This is known to nuts like me as ‘grey goo’, frankenbacteria.
potential uses for grey goo:
Capture CO2. You don’t want plants breathing that and making too much oxygen.
Create hydrocarbons. Clean up water supplies. See kids? It’s good for the environment.
Create “food substances”. Not food, but food substances. In other words, Soylent Green. Most of what we eat these days is ‘food substance anyway’, so why not?
Immediate use: Speeding-up flu vaccine production. Create self-replicating grey goo and the next logical step is to make vaccines with it and inject it into people. Right along with those insect cells they approved for the H1N1 flu shots, I would suppose. Makes sense.

Find all this disconcerting?

Not to worry, it’s only a genome, not a whole cell, and it only works if you inject it or spray it into a goat. Not to worry. Unless you happen to be a goat.
Not to worry, it’s not really that different from existing DNA altering techonolgy. Such as GMO produce that contaminates regular crops and causes organ damage and brain shrinkage if you eat it. Not any worse than that.
And the best part, according to the article, is that all this is being done with transparency. In other words, the are telling you they are making grey goo and are about to not only feed it to you, but also inject it into your babies.
In another article from Black Listed News, I learned that this same Craig Venter is now working on creating a bacteria that makes methane. That’s right, methane, the greehouse gas. Self-replicating artificial bacteria that makes greenhouse gases. Now they bring us the problem, next year it will be the solution.

“The link between BP, Geoengineering and GM”- The Ecologist.


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