CO2-Absorbing Crystals

South Korean and American scientists have designed CO2-absorbing crystals, known as Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), that can be made with cheap ingredients.

It always bothers me when I see these scientists on their quest for how to get rid of carbon dioxide. How can the whole scientific community be misled by such a gigantic lie, when there is so much scientific evidence out there to show that carbon levels are related to warming but are not caused by warming, but the other way around? Well, the PTBs serve the Devil and the Devil is the father of lies. So it would be logical that everything would be based on lies that lead to the practice of anti-science. What did the Devil offer Jesus when he took him up to the high place? “Bow down to me and all this will be yours”, he said. Or something like that. Those who have bowed to the Devil now have total control and free reign to wreak destruction on the earth. And they get nice, fat grants from the Devil-serving government and corporations to keep doing their diabolical research.

Disclaimer: The above argument is not scientific.

3 responses to “CO2-Absorbing Crystals

  1. HAHAHAHA love the disclaimer.

    Gotta say – some science we’re hearing about these days doesn’t seem very scientific either.

  2. Hmmmm…somehow I think this invention is going to slowly slip into the memory hole, much like the electric car did the first time around. I mean, how will the PTB be able to profit off of their Trap and Raid, I mean, Crap and Played, I mean, Cap and Trade scheme, if someone actually offers a solution to their invented problem?

  3. I’m dumb

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