Sugar Does Make Kids Go Nuts

Although most parents will tell you little Johnny goes bananas after Sweet-Tarts, very little research has been done on whether and how eating sugar affects children’s behaviour. I have personally seen my 3-year-old son go from acting like a nice, co-operative kid to crawling around on all fours in the store after having a coconut water drink with sugar in it, earning me those dreaded looks of scorn and unsolicited parenting advice. And by the wat, i can’t help noticing that it is always the childless who are the most liberal with the latter and seem to have it all figured out based on something they read or watched on the Life channel.

The following study looked at the effect sugar had on children, and concluded that consuming sugar was followed by more displays of ‘inappropriate’ behaviour 45-60 minutes later.
Inappropriate? Like crawling around in the grocery store? That kind of inappropriate? From my own anectodal evidence, I would have to agree with their findings.


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