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  2. I read a web article (see below) a few years ago about the Flu and Vitamin D. I’ve been taking 5000 i.u. minimum, daily ever since (I don’t get much sun, as most good little computer geeks don’t). Most of my life I’ve gotten bronchitis at least a few times a year. Since I’ve been taking D3 I have not gotten any congestion at all. D3 really helps prevent lung infections, including Flu. Also, I’ve been giving it to my grandson (age 4) at 1000 i.u. daily. He’s in day care, and if you have kids in day care you know how they’re always sick. He has not been sick since he started taking D3. No Flu shots for us, thanks.
    Here’s the link:

  3. ok the vitamins work , But your report is Fun Breezy Informative but incautious…. What if a confluence of zoonoses i.e birds, pigs,humans and war in a place with dirt that has not been stirred up in a century provide the environmental impetus for a virus that can easily multiply and mutate without any assistance from Man. Having worked in a microbiology lab and knowing that a bacteria and a virus or a bacteria and a fungus can also have a Bastard child, you are being too flip. We are overdue for some Nature (notice I did not say Man Made) Frankenstein. I hope you are science majors – do you remember your Genetics Class Statistics class and History classes ? Well every one hundred years or so we have a war that provides the enviromental platform. Then a typical virus can make a million copies without having sex (recombinant DNA_RNA ) and make a strain that we might not be able to deal with .Statistically. we are not the house -and we always should remember the house has the edge.

    I happen to be completing my degree in Nutrition in college and I agree that the best defense is a good offense. Cut the junk food and quit thinking vitamins cover a multitude of sins. Since the companies that make vitamins add too much of some vitamins and not enough of others – do some math and figure out a dose based on your activity and like Dr Oz says take it every couple of days. Crush it up and chelate it (add it to a juice or food to optimize intake .
    The winter of 2009 -2010 had some cases and some deaths in adults in their 40s that were overweight- NOT your usual victim – but it made sense to me from an epidemiological viewpoint. Fat tends to be inflammatory and lowers the immune response !!

    Fitness and exercise DO Raise immune system response.

    Allergic types may have an edge since their Immune system is already acting like a Pit bull.

    But Overall – not a vitamin in the world will save your ASS when you need your immune system to Think that it might recognize an intruder.

    I will take a vaccine that mimics or triggers a mild response any day so when they real thing comes along I will have a response that will act like a junkyard dog. Better yet- I won’t even expose myself ??? How I will survive a city that has lost social control is something I am now considering -too bad Contagion did not show how that works…

    Reality Bites.
    My Granddad lived thru the Influenza of the Great War and he saw people dying on the subways here. As a kid I made him tell me that story more than once. I am not paranoid about humans in contained spaces, but I am really starting to like my bike riding in the Winter…

    As for the “Spanish flu” he passed on part of that immunity to my Mom, but I probably do not have it. SO I am thinking- what if ….especially after I had friends here in NY very sick during 2009-2010 ,
    They were told to go back home when they finally dragged themselves to the hospital. No one I knew died (all my friends work out…)But no body ever figured out why this strain died. DO a story on that since you are so well informed.

    I think that sometimes Hollywood is ahead of the curve. We have rainy fall seasons, and somewhat cool but not cold weather- perfect for some bacteria looking to hook up and have dirty sex with a virus… Let us heed the message of the movie CONTAGION. Be anti social if you hear the flu is nasty this year , especially if you did not bother to get a shot.

    I’m just making sure I trust the source and the chemicals in my dose. If I was still in the lab, I would be making my inquiries- but now I have to be a shlub and hope I.m not being screwed. (Reyes syndrome is not a side effect I wish to deal with,either ,,) Damn this pharmaceutical- medical system…

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