Cancer, Diabetes and Your Food

The following was discussed on The Truther Girls radio show on August 5, 2010:

Cancer cells feed on fructose. Note: ‘fructose’ is listed as a sweetening ingredient in many foods. However, I would not extrapolate to interpret the following findings to mean that fruit itself causes pancreatic cancer or any other kind of cancer. many fruits have been shown to have anti-cancer properties. Once again, this is probably a case of an isolated nutrient being detrimental, whereas it is beneficial when found in whole food, in its natural source.–.html

Junk foods start allergies: western high-fat diet blamed for surge in allergies
The rise of junk food and high-fat diets could be behind the explosion of allergies sweeping Britain, scientists claimed last night.

Note: this article listed several possible causes of allergies, but did not include vaccines although two studies have shown that delaying a baby’s first DPT shot to the age of 4 months reduces asthma risk by 50%, and delaying it to the age of 6 months reduces it by 66%, from a risk of 15% to 7% and 5% respectively.

Read more:

Lunch meat causes bladder cancer. Note: previous studies have shown that consuming just one hotdog or serving of nitrate-containing lunch meat a week can raise a child’s risk of brain cancer by 10 times.

China faces diabetes epidemic since adopting western diet in last 10 years

Drew carey loses 80 lbs, cures his own diabetes. Note: maybe now people will believe that you can cure diabetes.

Food inflation could go beyond 10% in the next year


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