Water Wars

Regarding Janet Phelan, who exposed a possible system of poison delivery via the US water supplying system

Google video: Water as a Weapon


Articles published on water poisoning:

“Public Extermination Project’
The first article, published in L.A. Indy media, which exposed a possible plan to kill Americans through their water.
Through the use of t-valves, the government can regulate, on an individualized, residence by residence basis, the introduction of another substance into the water lines. As fluoride goes in at the plant, we are not dealing with the capability to add fluoride. It is quite a bit more nefarious than that.
Several days later, I happened upon surface work by DWP contractor Spiniello Co. The work involving t-valves is generally done under the street; however, the surface work on La Brea Avenue between Washington and Venice Blvds. revealed a t-valve in front of every house.
According to Spiniello workers, every single t-valve is being replaced by ones that respond to computer commands. The Spiniello foreman at this job site revealed that the main computer is in a centralized location.

May 2007, Miami Indy Media
“Water As A Weapon”
Through Section 817 of the Patriot Act, Congress has authorized a mass domestic de-population program.

“Water as a Weapon”, July/August 2007 edition of The American Bulletin
Same information as in the Google video, plus addresses issues of how the NWO may be setting up for the destruction of Israel.

Publishing “Water As A Weapon” in the July/August edition, The American’s Bulletin made journalistic history. There have been massive efforts to censor the information in that article, and its publication in hard copy is truly a victory for freedom of the press, during dark times for truth and personal liberty.
Horrifying article on how Janet was persecuted for exposing the above and why she ended up having to move to Mexico for her own safety.


2 responses to “Water Wars

  1. i am surprised phelan is still living

  2. Reading this in light of Qanon’s recent post of “Watch the water” gives me chills.

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