Obama Swims in the Gulf!

In a publicity stunt to promote the Gulf Coast, Obama enlisted his 9-year-old daughter to mislead the public. The pair took a 26-hour ‘vacation’ in Florida which included a purported dip in the Gulf of Mexico, documented only by White House photographers.


What’s next? Should we be expecting next year’s headlines to read, “President, Daughter Battling Mysterious Full-Body Cancer”?
Not likely, because here is the other half of the story: The Prez and his kid did not immerse themselves in the oil and Correxit-laden waters of the Gulf. Instead, they had their little swim inland, in waters that have been proven to be clean and safe. They are not complete fools, after all. That is a description they reserve for the members of the general public who buy into presidential publicity stunts.


One response to “Obama Swims in the Gulf!

  1. Hi Sonia,
    The audacity of Obama to insult the intelligence of the American people, eh? What a fearless leader…

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