Texas Terrorist

Around 9:00 am on August 17, 2010, Patrick Gray Sharp loaded a truck with fuel-soaked woodchips, road flares, gasoline and ammonium nitrate, drove it into the parking lot of the McKinney Public Safety Building and set it on fire. He then shouted something, perhaps to lure people out of the building, before retreating, heavily armed, into a nearby treeline, from where he then fired about 100 rounds of ammunition into the building before putting a bullet in his own head after having been shot in the arm by police.
McKinney Police Chief Doug Kowalski said Sharp’s actions were completely senseless and that although it appeared he had a carefully thought-out plan, they had no idea what his motive was.
The parents of Sharp’s roommate described him as a nice guy, not a violent person, and said this act was totally out of character for him. His roommate’s father, Bobby Cox, was quoted to have said,
“I’m numb. It doesn’t make any sense. That’s just not Patrick. Nothing makes any sense. This is not the guy we knew.”

Sharp had no criminal record, but had been a witness in some court cases. He had no history of any kind of instability. The only noteworthy thing about him was that he was a gun enthusiast who liked to do target practice and had voiced concern that the government would ban guns. Strangely, he had quit his job shortly before he went on the rampage, although he had recently been transfered to a new post withing the company and had told his roomate’s parents that he liked his new job.

So, how does this make any sense? Was it ‘suicide by cop’, as local law enforcement proposed? Why would he go through all this trouble to try to get the police to kill him, if was willing to shoot himself in the head after all?

A suicidal person or a maniacal terrorist usually fits some kind of established profile. Had he been suicidal, one would expect him to have had some kind of serious problems, be battling depression, have recently been fired or dumped by his girfriend- but none of this applied. A man who goes on a sudden killing spree would be expected to have shown some signs of instability- maybe a history of outbursts of rage, a strange personality, something to give an indication that his thinking was weird. Like the guy who tried to attack the White House to get at the imaginary ‘ruby sattelite’. A terrorist would have to have some political motivations and probably some kind of association with a known extremist religious or political activism group. Something. Anything. But here there is nothing. None of what Sharp did makes any sense- unless you look at it from the point of view of him being a CIA sleeper, a programmed assassin who does not even know he has been programmed.

I realize this sounds far-fetched to most people, and I’m not saying
he was definitely a ‘sleeper’, just that he fits the bill and would have made a good candidate if ever there was one. Below is a link to an account written by someone who claims he was abducted and subjected to torture and post-hypnotic suggestion, implanted with the command to kill himself should he find a gun in his pocket, and to kill a doctor with his/her stethoscope should he find himself in a room alone with a such a doctor. Because of his knowledge of mind-control techniques, the author, Matthew P., was able to over-ride the process, fight the programming and remember the experience.
Matthew P. says he was lured to a van by police under the pretense that they had some questions for him regarding an RCMP Major Crimes investigation. Once inside, he was drugged with phenobarbitol and subjected to torture and mind-control suggestions over a period of three hours.
Is it possible that Sharp had at some point been lured into such a van as well, possibly to answer questions about a crime? He had, after all been a court witness.
But why Sharp? Who would benefit from this? As I mentioned, Sharp was a gun enthusiast and a defender of the Second Ammendment. The government certainly has goals that involve restricting gun ownership and use, including possibly even complete or near complete disarmament of the public. Using a man like Sharp to carry out such a violent act involving firearms could certainly be used to further the agenda of those who wish to disarm the public.

Creating Manchurian candidates probably sounds to most like something that belongs in the moves, but as we can see from Matthew P.’s description, it is really not all that time-consuming or complicated.

There have been several such strange incidents in recent months and years: the man who decapitated a guy on a bus in Canada, John Bedell who tried to gain access to the White House to go on a shooting spree with a gun that had previously been in police custody, and even Abdulmutallab, the ‘undie bomber’ who lit a kind of firecracker in his underwear while on a flight due to land in the US. These were all bizzare, random high-profile crimes that benefited the police state in different ways at key times. Both the undie bomber and the bus butcher were described as having a completely blank look on their faces, even when Abdulmutallab’s crotch was on fire. One witness described him as being ‘in a trance’. People who knew the man who commited the decapitation was he was mild-mannered and normal and this was completely out of character for him. John Bedel was convenient associated with marijuana advocacy and 9/11 truth and had a history of mental illness. Sharp can now be associated with being a ‘gun nut’. Will the result of this be using this incident as another excuse to infringe on the American people’s right to keep and bear arms? If it is, it will just lend more credence to the possibility that Sharp was used intentionally and without his own knowlegde to further the agenda of the NWO.

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shot himself in the head:

12 responses to “Texas Terrorist

  1. The ability to spike anyone is frighteningly easy. Whether by planting a substance in their kitchen, (even with a flatmate) there would be known food items only a particular person is using.

    Also for anyone who regularly visits the same public eating place. While a kitchen helper might be bribed or feel that they are furthering a cause. They might not know in reality exactly what the substance is they are being asked to add.

    Matt Simmons could have ingested a heart attack induced spike.

    This fellow might have had some psychotropic drugs added, and in conjunction with a “handler”.

    And all the while a corrupt kitchen hand, or whoever, could be thinking they are adding a mild anti-depressant.

    I am afraid this is all very real every day stuff.

  2. Odd timing also to the Gary Don Carner incident don’t you think?

  3. Sonia, you’ve made some keen observations. This incident doesn’t add up at all. Further, it doesn’t take much effort to hypnotize someone. A Manchurian candidate sounds involved like some trained from birth specialist. I suspect, you’re closer to the truth. It may be only a matter of a few intense hours of programming? Sonia, you’re not imagining things, you’re asking excellent questions!

  4. Just two days after the 10th anniversary of 9/11 I especially feel deep sorrow for the victims, and the families of the victims of the despicable events of 9/11.

    Shortly after these events, laws were enacted world wide that have shrouded us in Orwellian-style repression. These laws are “bad for human rights and also bad for actually stopping terrorism”, said Martin Sheinin, UN special rapporteur on human rights and counter-terrorism.

    Late November, 2005 (22nd I think) in Toronto I was coerced into an unmarked, American military van (plate 250002) “to answer a few questions” by a 5′ 10”, 165 lb., short blond hair, Virginia accented, JTF officer (34) with a long chin and a 6’4” 230 lb., dark-haired, dark-moustached RCMP officer (44) with a barely perceptible French accent. Once in the van I was joined by a 6’1” slender face, 180 lb., acne-scarred, red-complexioned JTF2 officer (38), and two regular Canadian Forces officers (mid twenties) who later expressed disagreement with the human rights violations they witnessed.

    The one who most strongly dissented was First Nations (Ben of Oneida Nations, Turtle Clan), and when the senior officers were outside having a meeting/break, he disclosed their organizational identities. The American would later threaten to take me to Guantanamo Bay twice, each time saying he had a jet waiting at the airport.

    After being coerced into the van they threatened to hold me for three days under a “Security Certificate” unless I accepted the intravenous drug (this threat was from a post 9/11 law.) They said I would not be able to contact my family in those three days. I realized how much worry this disappearance would cause my family, so I accepted the needle.

    After about two hours of grueling torture-interrogation (electricity, drugs, 3D goggles and headphones, and worse) they realized I was not a terrorist, but the JTF officer spent about an hour demonstrating the (quite horrific) mind-programming, hypnotic techniques, which yes, did include a standing order to self-terminate if a handgun was found in my jacket pocket, and to strangle a doctor or nurse with their stethoscope were I ever to find myself in a Psych ward, or in a Psych hospital alone with one wearing a stethoscope.

    I was also taught under hypnosis how to kill without a weapon (tailored to my physique) if I were ever ordered to by a person announcing themselves with a pre-arranged “Control name” in the future. War crimes were committed in that van, and they should be prosecuted at the International Court of Justice at the Hague.

    Near the end they extracted and video recorded a forced confession (using torture) where as instructed I announced myself with an Arabic name they taught me, and then I shouted loudly the lines they taught, while wildly pulling at restraints with the whites of my eyes showing: “Mohammad is the Prophet!” and 3 times “Allaha Akbar!”, and “I know how to make bombs,” and “I am going to blow up the CN Tower!”

    Under Section 38 of the Canada Evidence Act (altered after 9/11), if I ever try to sue the gov’t they can show this video to a federal court judge without myself or my council present to point out it was made under torture. Since judges are not trained to recognize the signs of torture, and the confession is so threatening, most judges would declare me a threat to national security and the trial and evidence would be deemed a “national secret”, whereupon a secret “Kangaroo court” would ensue and I would lose.

    If I ever even spoke about the trial or the evidence I would immediately have broken a serious law and I would be put in jail. As long as they get a forced confession, which is easy using torture, they can pickup anyone off the street and torture them. That’s what I call torture-enabling legislation. This level of state repression is described in books of this genre by George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, and Margaret Atwood.

    “The best thing for you and your family is to forget everything that happened here tonight… and this will help you” the JTF2 officer announced as he opened his hand revealing pills. I was given seven doses of Propranalol, and told to take one immediately, and then each night for the following week. I have since read that this regimen interferes with transforming short term memory into long term memory. It did not work as I did not follow the regime prescribed. They then had me swab the inside of my cheek for a DNA sample, and they photographed me with glasses on and off.

    I was also told I would not be let go until I signed a legal length, double sided, about 8 point font document that I couldn’t read since my eyes had been taped open for three hours, with bright lights shone on my face for most of that period. I asked “What does it say?” “It says, all of this was voluntary” one of the officers said. I signed it with a really bad version of my signature from the drugs and from resentment. There was much arguing as the Canadian federal officers were concerned the signature did not match my actual signature from a document they had, while the American wanted to let it slide.

    The Toronto Star has the largest circulation of any newspaper in Canada, with just over a million readers per day in the Greater Toronto Area; it is Canada’s equivalent to the New York Times. Ernest Hemingway once was a reporter for the Toronto Star. They publish a handful of letters to the editor each day. A topical letter of mine was just published, and it will only be freely accessible for another week.

    I was threatened that night about going public. In Q1 of 2010 when I posted much of this detail on rabble.ca, I started getting followed daily for about two weeks. Finally at a stoplight I jumped out and snapped a picture of a man who had almost clipped my bumper with his new Range Rover when pulling out from the curb rapidly to get right behind me (yes, odd if you’re trying to be discreet but he was not.) There was a doctor’s ‘Emergency’ sticker in the driver’s side lower corner of the windshield.

    He must have believed I was pulling a gun out of my long coat instead of a camera, as I have a picture of what appears to be the end of a gun barrel pointed at me. A Canadian counter-intelligence expert (Shawn) who was interviewed in a BBC documentary, took one look at the high resolution picture of the man in the Range Rover and said he looked like a Mossad agent.

    I conclude the American security intelligence apparatus does not want the public (and perhaps their enemies) to know that among their most potent weapons is mind programming achieved by using torture “anti-conditioning” (my term.) Anti-conditioning renders the subject into a state of complete surrender and helplessness, where they will voluntarily enter a hypnotic trance, and repeat deadly post-hypnotic suggestions. A perfect sleeper-cell is created, literally.

    One is “broken” with anti-conditioning through the administration of random electric shocks in response to whatever one’s answer, or non answer, is to a repeated nonsensical question to which there is no right answer. My anti-conditioning question was “What is your other Arabic name?”

    When I shared this online in 2010 Q1, I believe I signed my death warrant. But the American security-intelligence apparatus could not take a risk of being caught murdering on the soil of their closest ally, so as with other Western governments in such delicate situations, they appeared to have hired the professionals.

    The Toronto Police officers (42, and 53 division) I spoke to did not know how to spell Mossad (to be fair, I didn’t have the picture with me when I spoke to them.) I am convinced I am only alive because within 12 hours of taking the picture I posted it on rabble.ca (since removed), and I wrote a letter to national politicians and journalists crying foul. I also called CSIS twice. I have remained mostly silent since, but this reference to my deleted rabble posting has shaken me awake.

    I have great respect for the Mossad, and to understand their seriousness, I recommend viewing the movie “Debt” which is out in the theatres as I write this. I hope they do their research and learn that I have always been non-violent, and was a noted peace activist in my university days, and the intelligence the Americans had that pegged me a terrorist was wrong, as should be evident by now.

    Continued silence is by far the safer route, and any publicity would personally be disastrous, but when my time is up, the most important questions to me are: “Did my life mean something? Did I make the world a better place?” “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter” – Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., Civil Rights Leader

    When authorities are given extraordinary powers, we have repeatedly seen abuse of those powers, for example the torture in Guantanamo Bay, the beatings and arbitrary arrest at the G20 in Toronto, the torture of Maher Arar, myself and others. Just one week ago, Prime Minister Harper stated his intention to re-enact the oppressive, anti-democratic, post 9/11 legislation that reached a sunset clause in 2007. This time their will be no sunset clause he says. We should protest, email and petition our elected representatives to let them know we are against this, our democracy depends on it. Where is the Canadian Civil Liberties Union?

    Americans could do their part and lobby their representatives to outlaw the practice of “extraordinary rendition” to countries where torture is still used. This results in American officials supporting torture by proxy, which is abhorrent, and does not help stop terror:
    “it (torture) was counterproductive in the greater picture of combating Al Qaeda, as the stain it brought to the U.S.’s reputation just made bin Laden’s recruiting pitch that much easier…. The best approach is the rapport-based.. it’s more of getting to an accord with that individual and knowing what makes that individual tick.” – Robbert McFadden, a longtime counter terrorism investigator with the U.S. Navy Criminal Investigative Services (NCIS) who interrogated bin Laden’s bodyguard Nasser al-Bahri, known by his nickname Abu Jandal.

    In my opinion, the terrorists will have won if we do not return our societies to basic civility, where torture is completely forbidden, and our civil liberties and inalienable rights are respected. PM Harper is on the verge of making Canada a totalitarian state, where torture is permitted through a legislative loophole.

    We need a Western Spring. We must follow this path through non-violence, as it is the only way to mount a successful revolution towards democracy. “If you fight with violence, you are fighting with your enemy’s weapons. ” – Gene Sharp, an American scholar who writes about nonviolent strategies.

    Let me close with words recently spoken by one of Canada’s Supreme Court judges, Rosalie Silberman Abella. She lost her parents to the concentration camps in WW II.
    For Abella, three lessons have emerged from the concentration camps of Europe.
    The first is that “indifference is injustice’s incubator.”
    The second, that “it’s not just what you stand for, it’s what you stand up for.”
    And finally, the third lesson, with which Abella concluded her speech:
    “We must never forget how the world looks to those who are vulnerable.”’

  5. The pictures:
    Note: When hypnotized and forced to repeat post-hypnotic suggests, play along, but in your mind repeat the negation of the statement, e.g. “I will not” instead of “I will”. This will greatly reduce the effectiveness of the post-hypnotic suggests, or “mind programming”. Peace.

  6. Hello Sonia, at the Home>About page, I’ve posted twice that I’d like an opportunity to remove some privacy-revealing item, that I should not have posted. I have a career and a family to support. Please remove paragraph 13 above where I give a pointer to the Toronto Star letter I authored, as it is not removed after one week as I thought; it will be there forever divulging my identity from this posting. Please also in paragraph three remove “mid-down” before the word Toronto. Peace, Matthew
    P.S. You have my email address — and don’t post this obviously

  7. You’ve got a lot wrong. Perhaps you should get your information straight and do your research a little more thoroughly before posting an entire blog entry.

    • Matthew NotScaredAnymore

      You are correct, I reported what I knew at the time, but you are an insider as you knew I got some key facts wrong. (Are you trained in Krava Maga? 😉

      1. No one was trying to kill me in 2010, even though a gun was pointed. I have since learned it was ‘bumperlock surveillance’, intended to scare the target so much they go into a locked Psych ward for protection, which discredits them, which is the actual goal.

      The inside info I have about American alphabet agencies continuing to carry out mind control, (and more to come) on Canadian civilians could cause a PR disaster with political effects not just in Canada and the USA. There is a strong motivation to discredit, or even silence me.

      2. I have learned since that Shawn’s assertion it was Mossad was baseless. Since the bumperlock surveillance on me in 2010 included a diplomatic, long black, (old) sedan officially flying a wierd flag, I have since done research. The flag was Liberia, a country founded by the USA.

      2. A small consulting firm owned by two Liberians contacted me in late 2012 for a consulting contract. That is unusual as 90% of first contacts are from recruiters. Then they did not check my references. I kept asking to see the contract but they did not send it. Instead they called me in for a second interview and said they wanted me to program for them over the Christmas Holidays to prove my skills, and I would start at the start of January, 2013. (I had just finished an 18 month consulting contract with the Capital Markets Dept of big 5 bank referred to with a three letter acronym.)

      By this time I was turning away other opportunities. The contract finally arrived and it looked to be written by a slave owner: Flat daily rate. We will pay you only if we are happy with your deliverables, else no pay. Day 2 of the contract, despite praising me for well guiding a client meeting, and after much free work they cancelled the contract. Despite 3 weeks paid notice in the contract, they ignored that and did not even pay me for the work I did. I lost ~13K CAD.

      I don’t think it was cooincidence they immigrated from the same small country whose diplomatc car was part of the bumperlock surveillance. Its interesting AMEX in NY gave this tiny Canadian firm dozens and dozens of contracts.

      Then again in 2014, a professional interloper approched me at Telus at my desk and assaulted me twice and then walked out. I dissociated, as thats my training from torture, and the contract rapidly went bad and ended at the half way point.

      At the big bank position 2011-2012, one month in my manager announced he was moving to a new position, but the position was a secret he said. An American moves up from NY to take over. He checked on me often. After 2.5 months he announced he was returning to NY. Before he left I sat around a lunch table with him and he said “I cross the border really easy with my official Dept of Homeland security sticker on my windshield.” The old manager announced his other position went away and he resumed leading my team.

      The pattern here is first to try and discredit the whistleblower with intimidating bumperlock surveillance. Next every contract or employment is interfered with to crumble the targets career to make them poor and put a strain on their family. Poor people I guess are considered less credible.

      The mainstream or even much alternative media won’t even cover it because there is nary a trace of evidence as this is being run by professionals, specifically “Blondie” the 5’10”, blond haired, 165 lb JTF officer with a long face between mouth and end of chin.

      He works out of the US Consulate on University avenue in Toronto and his Virginia accent has mellowed since he’s been in Toronto so long.

      4 weeks ago at 7:15 in the morning he set a trap 80 meters from my house, and as I walked my dog, I heard a voice beckoning me to step into a secluded are mostly surrounding by bushes. At first I ignored him and then he said “whats wrong Matthew, are you chicken”.

      From the 2005 torture and mind control he asked and found that this was what my older brother did over and over until I flew into a rage.

      I had to drop the dog leash, as Cody wisely detected danger. When I reached the area behind the tree there was a perfectly trimmed square hedge I had not noticed before. (Its gone now as it was a fake bush.)

      Then I saw a figure rapidly roll over and up over the hedge with a device that sported a large fire extinguisher nozzle attached to a long black hose that led behind him. He started to stand and walk closer while fog flew out.

      The fog rapidly covering a six foot wide area at my eye level, drifting straight into me. I held my breath and as it started to settle I saw the man in a gas mask. “THANKS!” I said sarcastically taking in a small breath, and in that moment all my mucous membranes burned.

      I knew I had to get to a public place, so I turned and ran. But now the world was dreamy, detached, almost in slow motion. I felt the same high as the time they picked me up in 2007 to make me do something I did not want to. It matched the effects of Scopolamine perfectly.

      NASA recently made a aerosol of Scopolamine, aka Devil’s Breath. It seems Blondie gathered some data in the field experimenting with this non-consenting Canadian civilian. He is guilty if war crimes thrice over.

      While I was out I remember Cody licking my face, lips, tongue and nose. An overdose of Scopolamine first slows breathing with apnea in between infrequent breaths and eventially arrests breathing and you die.

      I believe Cody the 9 year old Golden Retriever could tell I stopped breathing and he did his best to revive me. I went back under. Then I temember waving my arm gasping “I can’t breathe! I can’t breath!” Then I was out again.

      A stranger awoke me with “Have you been drinking?” He told me to test and being on Devil’s Breath I did exactly what he said and went home to sleep. My memory of it was wiped for several days from the Scopolamine, and from dissociating.

      To all Jewish people, please accept my apologies for repeating Shawn’s assertion that it was Mossad harrassing me in 2010.

      We cannot let these Dr. Mengele wannabees get away with this. Please help. Matthew99@hushmail.com

      Finally, Blondie you are an idiot for responding back “Anytime Matthew” to my sarcastic “Thanks”. Up until then I had not ID’d you. Second you are a sick fuck thinking you are serving your country in this way. Finally stop being such a pussy and fight me hand to hand, no weapons. We can have the Canadian Army arrange it, and frisk us first for concealed weapons and stop us from inflicting serious damage. You’re not chicken are you?


      • Matthew NotScaredAnymore

        Lastly, my telephone line is monitored, just as the JTF officer said in 2005 it would be. I have confirmation of an administrative override, which legally Bell can’t tell me what it means.

        Twice I have put out bait by viewing certain sites, or emaing a journalist, and Blondie’s response time is about 20 minutes, or the next morning. Since only the RCMP could order the tap, they have my tapped line fed directly to the Americans who are committing iwar crimes. They are accessories to crimes against humanity. The RCMP officer in 2005 was the one who hooked up the torture equipment.
        Since Bob Paulson was the senior person in the national security dept during Nov 2005, he would have had to sign off on the RCMP’s involvement with this JTF –> JTF2 training exercise that used drugs, electricity and worse. Ergo the current commissioner of the RCMP is a war criminal.

    • Matthew NotScaredAnymore

      See my reply in next msg below.

      • Hi Lisa,
        I meant of course the message above, not below.

        To All Readers:
        Please visit my indiegogo crowdsource project (link below) to learn more, and how it relates to the mass shootings in the USA in the last few years.
        Also please contribute if you can to help me get the book out to shed light on this horrific research that is used to produce mind-controlled, slave assassins to commit horrible mass murders to frighten the public for political purposes.


        Thank you,
        Matthew P.

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