Dennis Hawver – Kansas Politician fighting NWO

A couple of months ago, I interviewed Tyler Feeney, a law student form Kansas who was running in the Republican Primary for a seat in the Kansas House of Representatives, for the 51st district. Tyler was not elected, but he has no intention to quit trying and will be running again at the next opportunity. Meanwhile, as Tyler prepares for his next electoral campaign, allow me to introduce you to Dennis Hawver, Kansas Libertarian Candidate for Attorney General. Another citizen of Kansas who has had enough and has decided to be the change he wants to see.
YouTube Channel

A few recent highlights of Dennis’ unusual career as a politician trying to take down the NWO.
(Dennis getting arrested at a Republican rally where George W. Bush was speaking)
(interview with Dennis) gets bounced from debate) info from the KS Libertarian party)

Tyler Feeney’s blog:


2 responses to “Dennis Hawver – Kansas Politician fighting NWO

  1. This is not related to Dennis Hawver.
    I was just wondering what you think of the Mel Gibson saga. The officer who arrested him for a DUI in 2006 (the one suspected of leaking private police records to TMZ) is now suing the LA Sheriff’s Dept. for religious discrimination since he hasn’t had a promotion in a long time. By coincidence (?) his law suit was filed at almost exactly the same time as Mel’s extortion case against his ex girlfriend is going to the DA to decide if charges will be laid. Do you think it’s a conspiracy by the Illuminati ?

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