Hopeopathic Prophylaxis for Leptospirosis in Cuba

A couple of weeks ago, Alan Phillips, vaccine rights attorney, mentioned on my radio show that Cuba had staved off an epidemic of leptospirosis by treating 2.5 million people with a homeopathic prophylaxis known as nosodes. The result was that there was not one death from leptospirosis!
I used to believe the official line about homeopathics: that they were nothing but sugar pills producing a placebo effect. But then, I encountered one scientific study done by the mainstream medical establishment that concluded that the effect of homeopathics could not be attributed to placebo effect alone, since they were far more effective than placebo. The study concluded that they could not explain this effect, but they did have to recognize it.
At that time, I was working as a medical transcriptionist and medical secretary and had full confidence in the validity of allopathic medicine, so this study caught my attention. Could it be that there is another side to disease and the treatment thereof that is completely overlooked by our medical system? I took note of this and filed it away in my mind under ‘requires further investigation’.
Now Alan Phillips had drawn my attention to what could be considered a large-scale retrospective epidemiological study. The vaccine industry uses such studies on a regular basis, so I decided this one should be given some credit.
Attempting always to be fair and open-minded, I first went to one of these ‘anti-quackery’ websites called quackometer.com. This site did, of course, try to debunk the results of the Cuban experience, but they didn’t seem to have much of a leg to stand on. They did have to admit that 2.5 million Cubans received nosodes that year and that there were no deaths and far fewer infections that usual. All they could do to discredit this was to say there was no control group receiving a placebo, but that wasn’t saying much, as the vaccine industry routinely publishes studies in which there is no control group either.
Here is the article:

Next, I moved on to an article that was in support of the validity of the homeopathic prophylaxis used in Cuba. They state that usually, following annual tropical flooding, there are thousands of cases of leptospirosis, with some deaths resulting. This occurs even when allopathic Lepto vaccine is used because the vaccine is so expensive that it can only be given to the most at-risk groups, such as children, pregnant women an dthe elderly. The cost of vaccinating 2.5 million Cubans with 2 doses of nosode was only $200 000. With this prophylaxis, there were only 10 infections and no deaths as of August in 2007. And the study was repeated the following year, with a result of fewer than 10 infections per month and, again, zero deaths. There is no way this can be attributed to placebo effect.

This is the kind of thing that goes to show that just because we cannot understand something, that doesn’t make it any less true. It is best to keep an open mind and remember that most of what we get from ‘official’ government websites and other publications is heavily influenced by pharma industry propaganda, and what benefits Big Pharma is not for humans to achieve true good health, but to become clients of a system that sells disease management and undermines their health in the long run in order for them to remain not only loyal to it, but slaves to it.
Of note, in Cuba, where the government is not in contract with Big Pharma, the amount spent on health care for an individual is measured in hundreds, not thousands, of dollars and the life expectancy is 75-80 years just the same.


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