Government VS Right To Travel

To legal definition of ‘drive’ is to use a vehicle for the purpose of conducting commerce. There are no restrictions on your right to travel, only on the priviledge of driving. But unless you are using your car for commerce (i.e. Taxi driver), you are not technically driving. When you apply for a license and registration, you place yourself and your vehicle under the jurisdiction of the government and court system. This is why some people choose not to obtain licenses in order to travel in their motorized vehicles.


One response to “Government VS Right To Travel

  1. This would be great if somehow it would keep you from going to jail or paying fines. I think in a real court, about halfway through, the judge would say “shut up or be held in contempt”. And our animated friend would still be jailed or fined. At the end of the video is a short-winded argument about the right to travel. The right to “travel” wasn’t in question. The right to operate an automobile on public (state) roads, by whatever definition, was. I’ve seen another video like this (only live), where the judge called a recess, the “common law court of record” defendant then declared that the judge left, and the case was closed, and left the building. A quick follow up with reality, showed that the judge later assigned another date for the defendant to appear. It’s funny, these defendants never let you in on how the case eventually turned out. I wonder why. Don’t misunderstand me, I think it would be great if all this were true, but I also know that a very high percentage of people WITH licenses and insurance have NO business driving because they simply don’t know the rules of right of way or don’t care. Should we let nature weed them out by allowing them the “right” to kill themselves in traffic accidents?

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