Gassing America

By Thomas L. Rodgers

In 1974 (under Henry Kissinger as Sect of State) the process began for HUD to become the housing authority of the poorer segments of our society who are housed in (Warren Buffet”s, that’s pretty much all of them) Manufactured and Mobile Homes “Trailers”. So on June 15 1976 through Federal act, all gas, propane, oil, coal heated Manufactured and Mobile home manufacturers were ordered to manufacture all units with a (on the roof) separation distance of only three (3) feet between a “Dilution” Breathing Air intake and the Furnace Exhaust (and sometimes Water Heater Exhaust too) in absolute violation of OSHA, NIOSH, EPA, NAHB, AGA ICC and all other environmental health safety code setting agencies; all who generally require at least 12 to 14 separation wih the exception of ICC at 10 foot if all other conditions demonstrate that 10 feet is safe. At the same time Carbon Monoxide and Formaldehyde and other combustion VOCs were deliberate dropped out of diagnostic protocols in medicine with the replacement of Evidence Based Medicine with David Rockefeller’s AMA / HHS’s concocted “Best Practices” medical protocols which were carefully deliberated to provide lost cost / high profit medicine, hidden infanticide and genocide.

Watch on YouTube (if you haven’t already) POPULATION REDUCTION: CHILDREN ARE “BAD FOR THE PLANET” with Alex Jones

See aka or with softer approach,, and


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  1. No suprise here. Slow kill ~

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