Slippery Slope in Crime Prevention: Tracking Your Every Move While You “DRIVE”

Feds: Privacy Does Not Exist in ‘Public Places’

The Obama administration has urged a federal appeals court to allow the government, without a court warrant, to affix GPS devices on suspects’ vehicles to track their every move.

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Are you a potential suspect? Do own a gun? Do you have extra storage products of rice, water, or canned goods? Do you grow too many vegetables? Are you a dissident citizen? Are you an environmentalist? An anti-globalization activisit? Pro lifer? Constitutionalist? Are you late in paying your taxes?

If so you may qualify for this social benefit! Do you posesss a drivers license? Is your vehicle registered with the state?
All the police have to do now is shoot a dart at a moving vehicle to affix this lovely GPS tracking device and will be able to determine whether you’re a “weekly churchgoer, a heavy drinker, a regular at the gym, an unfaithful husband, an outpatient receiving medical treatment, an associate of particular individuals or political groups — and not just one such fact about a person, but all such facts.”

Other benefit priveleges available for public consumption include jail and servitude.

Are you the “person” that you carry around in your wallet? Youre always in private if you so choose. You enter the public when you identify yourself as the fictitious corporate person. “Show me your papers” is only a tool to distinguish citizen or resident or driver from the free living soul. In short, privacy ALWAYS exists in so called “public” places – IN FACT you have a right to your privacy which you will have to assert .

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One response to “Slippery Slope in Crime Prevention: Tracking Your Every Move While You “DRIVE”

  1. We need to be safe right?

    Sorry girls I’m in a sarcastic mood and sick of how dummy downed and asleep the “eggheads” are.

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