Alien Disclosure on the Horizon?

Posted by Sonia

2008 Pope says there could be aliens and some of them may even be free of original sin. The church also apologizes for condemning Galileo and states that science and religion need each other and the Vatican organizes a conference to mark the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin.

National Post states UN has appointed an Alien Ambassador to meet with aliens. Does the UN know something we don’t?

At the National Press clubon the 27th of September 2010, Air Force officers reveal details of incidents in which aliens may have disabled nuclear reactor sites.
While Capt Robert Salas was on duty at Maelstrom AFB in Montana in an underground capsule at a nuclear weapons site in March 1967, strange lights were observed in the sky by security guards, with a red glowing object hovering just above front gate. Missiles began to go into unlaunchable condition while the object hovered over the launch control facility. The object left silently at high speed, then returned and radio contact with security guards was lost. Security launch was reset but missiles remained disabled due to guidance and control system failure. The Commander did not know how to explain event, stated it was not an Air Force exercise. A member of the Air Force department of Special Investigations ordered Captain Salas and others never to speak of this and they were obliged to sign a non-disclosure agreement. After reading the book Above Top Secret by Timothy Good in 1994, which describes missles being shut down while UFOs are seen overhead, Captain Salas requested documents concerning what was known as the Echo Flight incident from the Air Force and succeeded in getting them declassified. The same thing had happened a week earlier at another site.

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6 responses to “Alien Disclosure on the Horizon?

  1. Milabs: Military Mind Control & Alien Abductions

    Book not available but the 3 articles at the bottom of
    this page gives some info.

    Why don’t public air traffic never sees UFO’s? Do you trust the military?

    If you have muscles twitching it is probably a neuro-stimulator placed in your muscles or nerves that control your muscles. Barricade your door at night, these devices are implanted with a syringe. Illegal micro-stimulators found.

  2. Yes, it seems disclosure is imminent, but we must make sure that it’s a “true” disclosure, and not some disinformation that fits into the agenda of the globalist elite, such as aliens promoting anthropogenic global warming theories and the “war on terror” (as Stanley Fulham would have us believe). I also wouldn’t trust any source that claims that an “alien invasion” is going to occur (an idea that Hollywood seems to be pushing these days, probably with military funding). According to Dr. Carol Rosin, Wernher von Braun predicted this would happen, but that it would be based on a lie in order to convince people that we need to build space-based weapons (, and we can already see this beginning to happen. SBSS was just recently launched to monitor space for incoming threats, and there are all kinds of experiments currently being conducted for hypersonic craft that can be launched into orbit.

    So yeah, it’s definitely good to be skeptical about all of this, considering the agendas that are at play, but at the same time, it’s also important to consider the evidence that is available, and there are many credible witnesses who have testified that in fact, something is indeed happening that they can’t quite explain. If you haven’t yet seen it, I highly recommend the new documentary, “The Day Before Disclosure”. It’s really well done and covers the subject pretty in depth (for a single feature length film, anyway). You can watch it for free here:

  3. they revoked the statement. re UN UFO ambasador

  4. Check out I think you will find it thought provoking.

  5. hey sonia, in regards to this YT post…

    a Tv show called “the event”, also a UFO propaganda piece, similar to the V series? (dont know yet), but in the show these “non terrans” crashed on earth in 1944! co-inky dink?

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