CETA: A New Threat to Canadian Sovereignty

Written by Youtube user daelka

Negotiations are presently taking place between the “EU” and “Canada” for a so-called “Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement” (CETA). Simply put, it is a threat. It threatens everything from food sovereignty to local development through procurement.

The Trade Justice Network has a good website to get an overview of this corporatist attack. http://tradejustice.ca.
A good part of it is also available in French. The leaked text, however, seems only available in English, on the English version of the site. But I think the information available in French on the site can still be spread among French speakers so that all Canadians can take a stand. The Trade Justice Network’s French name is Réseau pour le commerce juste and the URL for the French version of the site is

The Council of Canadians is organizing a protest event in Ottawa this Friday: http://www.canadians.org/media/trade/2010/15-Oct-10-a.html

The Trade Justice Network also has a YouTube channel:

Here are a couple of excerpts from the leaked document (with commentary from Sonia):
Page 20: measures to eliminate export subsidies. Will we become more and more dependant on imports? As if we’re not dependant enough? Is the government intentionally trying to undermine local production, including local food production, for the benefit of multinational corporations?
“The Parties recognize that agricultural export subsidies may also have distorting
effects in third-party markets.
4. Each Party shall eliminate agricultural export subsidies on agricultural goods
originating in or shipped from its territory by December 31, 2013.
5. Pending the elimination of all agricultural export subsidies, if either Party adopts or
maintains an agricultural export subsidy which the other Party considers to be
distortive of its trade with a non-party, the Party providing the agricultural export
subsidy shall, at the request of the other Party, consult with a view to avoiding such
distortionary effects.”

Page 38: Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures. ‘Phyto’ as in ‘plant’. When I see ‘phytosanitary measures’ being addressed, I can’t help but wonder whether this will lead to an increase in irradiated produce. This bill, after all, first seeks to eliminate export subsidies. Irradiation is used to prolong shelf-life of produce, which is a benefit to any corporation seeking to export their product to a distant place. It is not necessary for locally produced food, which has a shorter trajectory from farm to store and is not at risk of being contaminated with foreign pests.
“1. The Parties hereby establish a Committee on Sanitary and Phytosanitary
Measures (SPS Committee), comprising representatives of each Party from the
relevant trade and regulatory agencies, ministries or other institutions who have
responsibility for SPS matters.
2. The SPS Committee shall
(a) provide a regular forum for exchange of information relating to each
Party’s regulatory systems, including the scientific and risk assessment
basis for SPS measures;
(b) provide direction for the identification, management and resolution of
SPS issues; and
(c) improve understanding between the Parties related to specific
implementation issues concerning the WTO SPS Agreement, including
clarification of regulatory frameworks and decision making procedures”

This is a 366-page document! They are seeing to it that they have all the angles covered.


4 responses to “CETA: A New Threat to Canadian Sovereignty

  1. Sonia, I love what you’ve done on YouTube – and now I just discovered your blog! I love your humor and this one really meets a need in me: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVxEiKkzaFU&feature=related – I just discovered what is really going on this past Spring and have learned so much and went into shock/depression – lots of internal fear. So like I said, that paraticular YouTube struck a cord in me. Thankyou! I look forward to following you more!

  2. yeah awesome job, sonia – just came across you guys the last month or so. looking forward to more videos/blog updates!

  3. and patty I know the feeling – stay strong and stand on your feet tall – educate others, especially about chemtrails, as much as possible .

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