Gulf Blue Plague is Evolving

Below is a link to an article about BP and the 2010 oil disaster, and the role of Craig Venter of Synthetic Genomics and the artificial life bacteria he created and dubbed ‘Synthia’. Following the spill, the public was informed of the discovery of a new oil-eating bacteria in the Gulf, which was rapidly cleaning up the goop. Wonderful news? Or is this ‘new’ bacteria actually the ‘self-replicating artificial life form whose parent was a computer’ created by Venter’s company and announced to the public as a ‘scientific breakthrough’ earlier this year in the mainstream media?
Has this antibiotic-resistant bacteria been released into the wild and what will the consequences be? Could it be, as this article suggests that the BP Flu or Blue Plague is the result of infection with this artificial bacteria? Marine toxicologists from the Gulf have reported extensive poisoning of cleanup workers and the local population, but they have also disclosed that the mixture of oil and Correxit is what, by absorption through the skin, can cause such devastating symptoms as internal bleeding.

You may remember that in the spring of 2010, we were told that the coming summer was to be the worst hurricane season in several years, with 17 hurricanes expected to hit the Gulf Coast, threatening to carry the oil and dispersant-laden waters inland. As it turned out, however, NO hurricanes hit the coast this year. This is absolutely not normal. Is this the result of the loop current being stalled or is this evidence of weather-modification technology being used to prevent not the oil and dispersants from coming ashore (Correxit has been intentionally sprayed on the coast line), but to keep the potentially disastrous effects of this artificial bacteria at bay?

From reading this article, I cannot come to any solid conclusions. It is all worthy to take note of the information gathered by the author, but I would like to point out that when it comes to conspiracies and conspiracy theories, retrospective analysis of an event often reveals truths while projections and speculations often do nothing more than create unnecessary hype and fear. Some of the comments to this article engage in such speculations.

When the advent of Synthia was made public knowledge, it was stated that immediate uses included speeding up flu shot production. While this is nasty and distasteful as it is, a comment left under the article below proposes the possibility that these new vaccines will serve the purpose of innocuating the population against not flu, but the deadly infections that could be caused by the artificial bacteria itself. And the author of the comment hypothesizes that it may turn out that only half a billion shots will be made available, serving the openly stated goal of reducing the world’s population to that number, as only the innoculated will survive.

Could this be a trick to weed out vaccine refusers? This, to me, is nothing but speculation and I wouldn’t dwell on it. First of all, the depopulation plans include a number of existing vaccines, covert and open sterilization techniques, war, biotech-induced famine and disease, and a number of other strategies such as weather modification and destruction of agriculture through techniques like spraying aluminum that changed the Ph of soil, making it inhospitable to plant life. Even if a synthetic, self-replicating bacteria were to escape and cause disease, I don’t believe it this plague would smite the world’s population uniformly. Organisms with disease-creating potential and generally not equal-opportunity killers and require the host to have a compromised immune system in order to make it a victim. Besides, why take such a multi-pronged approach to depopulation if all it takes is the release of an artificial bacteria to accomplish these goals?
Personally, I would take note of the information provided in the article below, but I would not succumb to the notion that this is to be the golden instrument of worldwide depopulation by disease. The attacks of the NWO are many and stealthy, but their greatest weapon is fear.

13 responses to “Gulf Blue Plague is Evolving

  1. “And the author hypothesizes that it may turn out that only half a billion shots will be made available, serving the openly stated goal of reducing the world’s population to that number, as only the innoculated will survive.” The author, Michael Edward, said no such thing. That was a comment added by an anonymous reader.

  2. Hi, We live on the gulf coast and what we are getting sick with has to be a combination of the dispersants, oil residues, and bacteria accumulation from all the dead fish in the gulf. It is a contact viral infection. Friends are getting prescriptions for anti virals in a topical solution. This seems to bee the only help for our skin lesions. When you get ocean spray, you get mouth sores. When you ride out in the bay areas, you get a cough and flu like joint pains. I can’t bring myself to touch any of the fish or fowl affected and WILL NOT be eating any seafood, but can’t stay away from the water. We are that stubborn you know….Most of the illnesses we are getting are mild and irritating, like a new type of allergy. We are not seeing anything debilitating, but we are a strong group of people here in the swamp. I pray that we make it through this and that are families and friends don’t suffer too much. Thanks for the info on the oil eating bacteria.

  3. I live in the Northwest east of Portland. The last few summers, our skies have been full of chemtrails, the trails forming cloud cover before it would get over the mountain and out of sight. During this summer, while all of the Cor-exit was being sprayed, the skies were clear as a bell. All of the contrails lasted for maybe a few hundred yards then dissipated as they cooled. Now that the Cor-exit applications have slowed or stopped and the fall is upon us the chemtrail planes are back. Question for those in the Gulf states: Did your skies fill up with chemtrail cloud cover this summer?

  4. Chemtrails early on but stopped thru the summer/fall. Chris: Any infection related to the GOM is INTERNAL, even if lesions appear on the skin. This is chemical poisoning. Toxins swirl around and accumulate in body tissue. When skin/mouth sores, coughing develop, this is an inflammation response to an overload of chemicals. Infections are a secondary response from the toxins. A dire warning from the body. Major detox and removal from the source is the only option for any chance of survival. From your post, I feel it is already too late.

  5. Awesome job

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