There Will Never Be a Cure for Cancer

There will never be a cure for cancer. Not officially, at least. You can bet your diseased butt on that.
Of course, there is actually a cure, and not just one cure but many cures. It’s just that there is no money to be made on cured people. I used to work in the oncology department of a major hospital and like everyone else, I had been programmed to believe that ‘alternative’ treatments, so-called ‘natural cures’ were just something that sad, desperate people resorted to when they just could come to grips with the fact that it was game over for them. A little snake oil was harmless, might give your morale a boost, but it was obviously useless. It had to be. If it worked, it would be front page news. Wouldn’t it?

No, it wouldn’t. It took me a long time to understand the machinations of the Medical Mafia and how they had, over time, subverted the entire medical establishment. As someone who worked in the medical field, this was a hard pill to swallow. Years and years of programmng had taught me that the doctors I was working for were healers, doing their best to restore people to health. How could it be that they were dupes, unwitting minions of a tyrannical pharmaceutical cartel? And I had known, like everyone else who knew anything, that patients who eschewed radiation and chemotherapy in favor of ‘rubbing some herbs on thei ass’ as The Young Turks once put it, were nothing but delusional, if well-meaning. So how could it be that one could find testimonials all over the Internet, on blogs and vlogs and even occasionally mainstream media clips, so many people who had been told they were beyond hope, suddenly making seemingly miraculous recoveries with nothing but food, supplements, and oxygen? Option A was that these were folks who had been misdiagnosed. Option B was that they were lying- maybe they were put up to it by the ones selling the herbs. Option C was that they were just lucky. Some lucky bastard cheats death and he happened to be taking some herbs- but that doesn’t prove anything.
But after seeing and reading of case after case of such recoveries, I started to get the picture. There was a cure- and not just one, but many- but the public was being and would continue to be kept in the dark for the sake of Big Pharma’s fat pockets!

The truth is out there, as they say.

7 responses to “There Will Never Be a Cure for Cancer

  1. Good post – so sad but true. Makes me sick.

  2. Hi Sonia – came across this recently – makes a lot of sense – especially covered in the firt link.
    Something to look out for, though is that some brands of bicarb – soda (baking soda)contains aluminium.
    And some maple syrup contains sugars other than just pure maple syrup, so only 100% maple sugar should be used.


  3. Speaking from my experience of fighting cancer three times using conventional means and as you can see, surviving, I must also relate the story of a friend. Diagnosed 14 months ago with bone cancer he was in a wheelchair and on oxygen within a month. Given no hope of surviving he flew from Australia to Mexico much against the wishes of the air crew. He underwent a 29 day course consisting mostly of an intravenous almond kernel mixture but involved much drinking of fruit juices etc. In other words a non-conventional treatment.

    Yesterday he was still out there playing lawn bowls. Much thinner but he was still there and he stood for the whole competition – 7 hours on his feet. A walking, talking miracle.

  4. Hey, Sonia, ya might wanta look into this:
    I found out about this from this video: ‘The Gerson Miracle’
    Watch it free, here:
    I found out it is illegal in the US of A to treat cancer other than the three methods approved for its treatment, ie surgery, radiation, or chemo.
    That is why most alternative treatment clinics are outside of the US.

  5. Thanks for writing interesting post without being patronising or condescending and also witty and honest. I watch your You Tube videos too and appreciate your honesty in not say: “This is how it is”, but rather asking questions, pointing out inconsistencies and possibilities.

    In this post, however, I know you’re right on the money. I’ve gotten the same information from various sources that vitamins, minerals and herbs can cure and prevent cancers and also heart disease etc.

    It’s the old Greek argument; vitalist or intervention.

    Have you ever noticed, when there’s a rip off, cover up, big lie or power grab, there’s usually a Rockefeller involved. Who was it that founded the AMA? Yep…

    Site recommend (nothing to do with me…):

  6. Actress Suzanne Somers is a perfect example of how she was cured of her cancer via homeopathic treatments. She’s alive and well and has been cancer free for several years now. Sure the snarling doctors interviewed on TV news magazine shows, the print media, etc, attempted to debunk Ms. Somers’ natural course of cancer treatment as dangerous, worthless and something that no woman should consider when diagnosed with cancer. When I was naive and stupid (one of those sheeple) that believed only in what western medicine dictated, and always listened to the “good doctor,” thinking that alternative treatments were all bogus, it wasn’t until my wife nearly died from the horrible prescription drugs (beta blockers and statins) that a “well respected” cardiologist gave to her to “treat” her hypertension/heart disease and cholesterol. I finally had enough of this doctor dismissing the side effects she suffered, the weight loss, dehydration, low pulse, muscular aches and memory loss just to name a few. I was desperate and took the plunge into alternative medical treatments. My God, was this an eye opener! I found an extremely caring, talented and informative nutritionist that practiced in curing, not treating these aliments. In a nutshell, after my wife adhering to her nutritionists’ plan my wife no longer has high blood pressure, her cholesterol is normal and she feels GREAT! Better than she has in many years! Western medicine isn’t about curing people of cancer, heart disease, AIDS, etc. There’s no money in it. The number one course of treatment in most medical centers now is cancer treatments and treatment of heart disease. I’m fortunate to say that I’m more open minded than I once was on a wide range of issues. Why limit yourself to the mainstream? Think outside the box and discover something grand!

  7. Danielle Hemstreet

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