Antidepressants Kill

In some cases, anti-depressants kill. It has been shown that people who are on antidepressants are statistically more likely to kill themselves than people who are not. This is explained away as ‘people who are depressed are more likely to kill themselves in the first place’, although all people in the sample were depressed, and as ‘it gets worse before it gets better’- but if getting worse means jumping off a building, it doesn’t leave much room for improvement afterwards.

And is it a coincidence that virtually all school shootings were committed by teens who were on antidepressants? I only say virtually to leave room for the possibility that some did not involve meds, although personally I have not encountered such a case to date.

Here are some links someone sent me with further evidence that anti-depressants are associated with not only suicide, but psychosis, occasionally leading to murder.

These last two are talking about a scholarly article that I have access to on ProQuest from my school and I could email you the full text with graphs if you need so you have the root source.

The article is Selective Publication of Antidepressant Trials and Its Influence on Apparent Efficacy in NEJM.

2 responses to “Antidepressants Kill

  1. great job – love how you always have additional articles to help support.

    looking forward to more blogs and videos.

  2. Plato’s Republic, Book 5:

    “And if care was not taken in the breeding, your dogs and birds would greatly deteriorate? Certainly. And the same of horses and animals in general? Undoubtedly. Good Heavens! My dear friend, I said, what consummate skill will our rulers need if the same principle holds true of the human species? Certainly the same principle holds; but why does this involve any particular skill? Because, I said, OUR RULERS WILL OFTEN HAVE TO PRACTICE UPON THE BODY CORPORATE [population] WITH MEDICINES. Now you know that when patients do not require medicines, but have only to be put under a regimen, the inferior sort of practitioner is deemed to be good enough; but when medicine has to be given, then the doctor should be more of a man. That is quite true, he said; but to what are you alluding? I mean, I replied, that OUR RULERS WILL FIND A CONSIDERABLE DOSE OF FALSEHOOD AND DECEIT NECESSARY FOR THE GOOD OF THEIR SUBJECTS. We were saying that the use of all these things regarded as medicines might be of advantage. And we were very right. And this lawful use of them seems likely to be often needed in the regulations of BIRTHS and MARRIAGES [or, rather, human mating in general]. How so? Why, I said, the principle has already been laid down that the best of either sex should be united with the best as often as possible, and the inferior with the inferior as seldom as possible; and that they should rear the offspring of the one sort of union but not of the other, if the flock is to be maintained in first rate condition. NOW THESE GOINGS ON MUST BE A SECRET WHICH ONLY THE RULERS KNOW, or there will be further danger of our herd, as the guardians may be termed, breaking out into rebellion. Had we better not appoint certain festivals at which we will bring together the brides and the bridegrooms [can anyone else out there discern any other legitimate reason for the existence of Halloween besides that which is currently being discussed? It’s basically a glorified sex holiday] and sacrifices will be offered AND SUITABLE WEDDING SONGS COMPOSED BY OUR POETS [‘Find me in the club, bottle full o’ bub, Mami I got that ex if you’re into takin’ drugs. I’M INTO HAVIN’ SEX I AIN’T INTO MAKIN’ LOVE, SO COME GIVE ME A HUG IF YOU’RE INTO GETTIN’ RUBBED’ ~lyrics from a 50cent song] the number of which is a matter that must be left to the discretion of the rulers, whose aim will be to preserve the average population? There are many other things which they will have to consider, such as the effects of wars and diseases and any similar agencies, in order as far as this is possible to prevent the state from becoming either too large [yes, that does mean they will kill off their own citizens if need be] or too small. Certainly, he replied. We shall have to invent some kind of ingenious lots which the less-worthy may draw on each occasion of our bringing them together, AND THEN THEY WILL ACCUSE THEIR OWN ILL-LUCK AND NOT THE RULERS [for not getting laid at the aforementioned festivals].”

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