inGREEDients, The Movie

Today, on February 8th at 2:00 pm EST, TrutherGirl Sonia will be interviewing David Lawrence Dewey on The Truther Girls radio show. You can listen live at at that time, or download the archived show later from .

David Lawrence Dewey is an author and syndicated columnist with over 42 million readers worldwide. Dewey was the Content Consultant, Creative and Journalistic Consultant on the film inGREEDients, directed by David Burton, which exposes the dangers of hydrogenated fats and other toxins in our food. Dewey was also the first journalist in 1996 to warn consumers of the dangers of hydrogenated oils, aspartame, MSG and other toxins in the food supply.

Today on The Truther Girls, we will learn from David Lawrence Dewey how:
– hydrogenated oils are implicated in causing numerous conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and others, at the cost of trillions of dollars in health care.
– how ‘no trans fat’ on the label doesn’t mean the product is actually free of trans fats!
– how removing trans fats does not solve the problem.
– how hydrogenated drastically alter your immune system and undermind your health.
– how toxins such as TBHQ, found in fast food such as McDonald’s chicken nuggets, build up in the liver over time.
– how companies are able to avoid labelling products as containing hydrogenated oils, in spite of existing labelling laws.

…And much more.

Read DL Dewey’s column on hydrogenated oils to learn why just removing trans fats does not make the food safe to eat:

Dewey also has a column about other additives, dyes, chemicals, preservatives in the food supply which he will be talking about on the show.

Read about the movie, inGREEDients here:

The movie has attracted a huge following on FACEBOOK

View the trailer for inGREEDients here:


4 responses to “inGREEDients, The Movie

  1. I know this is slightly off topic but can’t find the right place to post this:
    I’m concerned about smart meters. Any chance this topic might be addressed? I’ve been collecting some data about this. I live in B.C. Canada and it looks like Corix,Utilities has signed a contract worth $73 million with B.C. Hydro to install 1.8 million smart meters starting later this year.

    Also CFL light bulbs*&^&%^$%&! Now I just read an article that states LED have lead and arsenic in them. What to use?

  2. PS Oh yes, let me know if there is a response to this question. I do have some research (just a little) as well…


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