Neotame, a Sweet New Poison


Someone recently tipped me off to the existence of a new sweetener: Neotame.

A simple googling of the name alone immediately brought up several websites warning that this substance is toxic. According to Monsanto spokesperson Nancy Nevi, Neotame compositionally begins with Aspartame, but through a ‘simple enhancement to the dipeptide base’ it becomes 40 times sweeter. It was discovered by accident at a military facility during research on a chemical weapon called Neotox-II.

Dr. Betty Martini, long-time forerunning anti-Aspartame activist penned an open letter to Dr Jane Henny, FDA commissioner, highlighting the evidence that aspartame is a deadly poison that can has been shown to cause brain tumors, birth defects, blindness ( and other health problems possibly including infertility and miscarriage. In her letter, Dr Martini basically pleads with the FDA to recall Aspartame and not approve Neotame.

She also refers specifically to several studies that showed the toxic effects of Aspartame such as :
“Monsanto funded a study on birth defects which was disastrous, so they withdrew their funding and Dr. Diana Dow-Edwards had to pay it herself. Then neither Monsanto or the FDA would accept it. Quite a message to the world – if a researcher will not say it is safe, the study will not be accepted.”
“A pivotal study (SC18862) submitted was done on 7 infant monkeys: 5 had grand mal seizures and 1 died.”

According to
“Even Monsanto’s own pre-approval studies of neotame revealed adverse reactions. Unfortunately, Monsanto only conducted a few one-day studies in humans rather than encouraging independent researchers to obtain NIH funding to conduct long-term human studies on the effects of neotame.”

Despite the fact that nearly 100% of independent studies on Aspartame have found it to be cause adverse effects, and that there have been no long-term studies on Neotame and those that have been conducted showed adverse reactions, Neotame is already used as an additive in 1000 foods.

The Neotame website describes it as an ‘exciting’ new flavor enhancer and sweetener. I’ll bet that much is true: it’s exciting, alright- it’s an excitotoxin! And I guess it’s especially exciting to those who would like to reduce the world’s population and profit off the remainder’s sickness.

The purveyors of this poison declare that Neotame fits into healthful eating;
“A balanced diet including a variety of foods is the foundation of healthful eating. As part of a balanced diet, neotame provides a little sweetness without adding calories.” Since when is a chemical weapon is part of a balanced diet?

The makers of Neotame state that it is suitable for diabetics, even though Aspartame has been shown to cause blindness in diabetics, and even go on to proclaim safe for children and pregnant women!
“People of all ages, including pregnant or breastfeeding women, teens and children, and people with diabetes, can enjoy products sweetened with neotame while maintaining a healthful diet.”
That’s a bit like saying people of all ages can enjoy crystal meth while maintaining a healthful diet. It’s not exactly untrue, but it doesn’t change the fact that crystal meth will kill you.

Because of labeling laws, it is possible for Neotame to be listed as ‘natural flavors’ if it amounts to less that 5% of a product’s ingredients, so beware! The best policy is to avoid pre-made, processed and pre-packaged foods altogether, or you could wind up eating Neotox-II – I mean, Neotame. And I would be willing to wager that Neotame…Will kill you.

17 responses to “Neotame, a Sweet New Poison

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  2. Thanks for the warning of the dangers of neotame! Can I get compensation for Aspartame poisoning? Before the dangers of Aspartame was discovered I consumed products (mainly various brands of chewing gum including Airwaves, Orbit & Wriggleys & also

    Please contact me via my email address above or via Facebook:- Andy ‘Hillmeister’ Hillis.

  3. Thank you for posting this & making the video. I am posting links back to you from my blog to get this message out. I love your videos and information. With great respect, Lille (sounds like lily)

  4. So if I say hydrogen hydroxide is a metal corrosive, overdoses of it will cause death, is found in large quantities in acid rain, and a list of other things it does, do you want to make it illegal for food to contain it? Think about this one again if you say “yes.”

    When around 18 pounds of sugar is equivalent to a single gram of neotame (that’s about 8000 grams to 1 gram) and you consider how much neotame would be needed to sweeten a food the equivalent to sugar, you should quickly see that even if neotame is toxic, in the quantities needed to sweeten a food, the quantities of each toxin naturally found in foods from turkey, to eggplant, to a stick of celery or broccoli often outweigh what would be used of neotame. Should we stop eating all foods with toxins? That would be basically every natural, non-processed food out there. For an example, just look at tomatoes, potatoes, and eggplant (all members of the nightshade family) which contain many toxins (such as tropanes and nicotine) but they are in such low levels that they are not toxic (well, except potatoes can become toxic to children and low mass individuals if left in sunlight allowing them to turn green, but you still need to eat 3 or more of these at a time to kill you).

    As far as whether neotame is toxic or not, I wouldn’t rely on information from websites like for information (as you have) as those websites (that one in particular) is a little (what would be a good description?)… wackadoodle. One of the metabolites is methanol (which in large levels can cause blindness or death), but just about any food you eat will have more methanol in it than you would receive from metabolizing neotame. They say a little knowledge (without full knowledge) is a dangerous thing, but I have trust in you that with a little better research, you can figure out how toxic it might be.

    • please leave your neotame out of my glass of hydrogen hydroxide.
      or at least print it on a label, let me decide.
      let me decide if it’s good for me or not.
      and seriously you can eat all you want.
      because it’s a free country.
      Sodium erythorbate anyone?

    • Fantastic response, YNB. I’m currently researching non-nutritive sweeteners and see no reason to penalize neotame so severely. The big key to neotame is how little is used, as you’ve stated. I would much rather see neotame in the market place over acesulfame potassium, aspartame, or saccharin. I also think sucralose was a superb discovery.

      It’s hard to wade through all the opinions and “evidence” when there’s so much governing body vs. anti-government conflict. At the end of the day, I’ll always tell people to stop using something if it makes them feel worse.

      Thanks again for your post. It’s the exact reason I read comments on random blogs.

  5. Thank you for this post. I was tested for food allergies and sensitivities about 7 years ago and aspartame was on the list for a high sensitivity. I was told to stay away from it because it was probably one of the reasons I always felt sick (stomachaches, headaches, etc). So, I cut out diet soda (and soda in general), most gum, and anything else that read as containing aspartame. But, I did not realize that they will be changing the ingredient name on food labels. So thank you for the heads up! I greatly appreciate it!

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  7. What is this wager regarding the lethality of neotame that you are talking about. What are the parameters of this wager? What are you putting up for this wager? Is it a reasonable wager?

  8. You know what? I’m going to accept what you write at the end of your blog post at face value and assume that you really meant it and that it sincerely reflects your beliefs rather than assuming that you are simply making shit up for dramatic effect. That is, I’m going to assume that you really would wager that this stuff will kill one.

    Here’s the deal, based on the article at (it’s behind a pay wall but I have access to it if you want to read it), I will consider a neotame intake of 50 micrograms/kg/day to be the sweetening equivalent of aspartame consumption at the 90th percentile of use. I will consume 500 times that dose in a single bolus (dissolved in some water with lemon juice, for example –to make a lemonade from hell).

    I’ll call myself 75 kilograms in weight. That makes it 50 micrograms · 500 · 75 = 1.875 milligrams. What the hell, I’ll round it up to 2 grams.

    If I die I lose. If I don’t die I win. What are you willing to bet to sweeten the deal (pun intended) for me?

    I can offer suggestions. You could pay off my student debt if I win (I’ll round it down to $15000). Heck, if you don’t really believe your statement that strongly, you could simply pay off my credit card debt (call it $2000).

    As for you winning, if the satisfaction of my death (a small sacrifice to be made if it will serve as a warning to others) is not enough for you, I guess I could somehow set it up to liquidate my car (it’s probably not worth that much but it’s about all I can offer at the moment).

    Those are simply suggestions all open to negotiation. You of course could also suggest a different dose as long as you have a reasonable justification for it and I am free to reject it (I’m suggesting a dose hundreds of times greater than anyone is likely to consume in a single day, much less in a single sitting, which I would guess should be quite hazardous if this “chemical weapon”, Neotox-II, is as toxic as you claim it is so I think it’s quite fair). Of course, if you end up making the bet about consuming 30 grams of the stuff I might reject it but you are going to have to explain why you feel it necessary that I consume such a large amount to make your point if this stuff really is as toxic as you seem to think. Or if you truly believe in the toxicity of this stuff you could even suggest a lower dose (which I might decide to reject in favor of a higher dose to make my own point).

    We could negotiate the exact terms. Since you probably don’t live next door, maybe I could do this in front of a notary and find someone to videotape it or whatever. Some sort of contract might have to be signed by both of us. I’d have to sign a liability waiver, etc.. . Again, the exact conditions are up to negotiation.

  9. On the above, “1.875 milligrams” was, of course, supposed to be “1875 milligrams” or “1.875 grams”.

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