Arizona: Evidence Against the ‘Evidence’

[Today on February 15 on The Truthergirls Radio show, I will be talking to Ed Chiarini who will present some absolutely shocking and astounding evidence that Jared Lee Loughner may not only have not shot Gabrielle Giffords on anyone else, but that he may not even exist!
Click listen live here and join us today in the chatroom at 3:00 pm EST http: (show starts at 2:00 pm EST but Ed will join at 3:00 pm)
Or download the archive at

Jared Lee beck

This is one of the images of ‘Jared Lee Loughner’ that were circulated on the news shortly after the shooting. Notice the differences in the lips and mouth area before photoshopping. In the image taken from the mugshot, the upper lip is larger in proportion to the lower lip, when compared to the black and white image. In the B&W pic, the bridge of the nose is smaller, and the area between the tip of nose and upper lip is longer. The shadows in the mugshot match those of ther picture of Glenn beck perfectly, especially around the eyes. This cannot be a coincidence! The slightest change in lighting or position changes the shadows on a face. As someone who has a BFA and specialized in portraiture, I can tell you that the shadows are a giveaway that something strange is going on here.

(I will update this later with more info)

About my Guest, Ed Chiarini: Ed is a contributing writer to and blogger on . He has been an illustrator, web designer, Avionic Technician with the USAF, patented inventor, founder of and lecturer on Internet dangers and how parents can effectively monitor their children’s online activity. Having been an advertising industry insider, Ed has many keen insights into propaganda techniques and false reporting.

3 responses to “Arizona: Evidence Against the ‘Evidence’

  1. Non Compliant BB

    Great show Sonja, glad I finally remembered. I appreciate your hard work and sense of humor. I like your cute hubby too! I was so happy to find out you were a couple, tee hee.

  2. While that photo of Loughner does look weird (it looks like a person in front of a green-screen, like the background was edited out) I’m afraid it is the Beck picture that has been doctored to look like the Loughner photo, not the other way around. Here’s a site that shows the Loughner photo, the original Beck photo and the shopped Beck/Loughner combo shot:

  3. sonja probly its time to move on and look for greener pastures now that the world knows that you´re neither interested in searching for “Trooth” nor supporting it when it is uncovered. what about “pooftah girls” or “boober-girls”. that wold be a nice alternative too and probly more suitable for your spiritual disposition.

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