DHS Wants to X-Ray Your Every Move

‘Naked Scanners’ were first introduced at a London airport last year, and from there it has been a slippery slope. We have all heard about the ongoing shennanigans and abuses of power by TSA employee, of people who refuse to be scanned being subjected to more and more invasive gropings, of women who refuse to have their bottles breast milk irradiated being put into glass cages in front of everyone, and even of visiting diplomats being subjected to such demeaning treatment.

As many of us expected, this trend toward government invasion of personal privacy is now just expanding and expanding. The TSA is now implementing airport-style security procedures at train stations and were recently criticized for wanding and frisking children after they had disembark at their destination.

But it won’t stop there. ‘Malintent’ scanners that can detect bad intentions have been around for a while and the DHS recently announced their intention to put them to good use at things like sporting events and the like under the FAST Program.

There are also mobile x-ray units that can travel along city streets, peering into vans and homes to detect human bodies, drugs and weapons. I remember seeing, over a year ago, a promo video by the makes of this van, who listed ‘stooling’ (aka taking a dump in your vehicle) as one of the activities their product could detect.

This technology is also covered in the following article in the Christian Science Monitor:


And if you think that’s bad, they have more in store for you including DNA scans at airports to be rolled out this summer! Accoring to the Activist Post, “This technology is being implemented under the cover of combating human trafficking, illegal immigration, and finding missing persons”. American police now also have authority to take DNA samples during arrests, before a person has been convicted of a crime, and have been doing the same through mandatory blood tests at DUI checkpoints in Florida


Prison Planet reports that DHS documents show their intention to roll out naked scanners at public events:

“The non-profit Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) on Wednesday published documents it obtained from the Department of Homeland Security showing that from 2006 to 2008 the agency planned a study of of new anti-terrorism technologies that EPIC believes raise serious privacy concerns. The projects range from what the DHS describes as “a walk through x-ray screening system that could be deployed at entrances to special events or other points of interest” to “covert inspection of moving subjects” employing the same backscatter imaging technology currently used in American airports.”

They have the technology and fully intend to use it. So if you thought it wasn’t a big deal to go through a potentially cancer-causing scan now and then at the airport, think again. How far will you let them go in treating you like a criminal, invading your privacy, and subjecting you to toxic radiation? How far will you let them go in doing this to your children?

I expect that if this continues it will soon be standard procedure for people to undergo x-ray and other screening to participate in common activities like attending an event, entering a courthouse or school, or maybe visiting a shopping mall. Many of us wonder how long the public will tolerate this. There has been quite a lot of criticism and pushback from the public, but DHS is going ahead with their agenda anyway and I suspect that part of the goal is to get people to restrict their own movements as much as possible. Restricting personal freedom of movement is always a priority in any tyrannical regime. Of course, they have more finesse than to do it the old-fashioned way of making you, say, wear a Star of David and confining you to a ghetto. They will just see to it that going anywhere will be such a miserable experience that you will voluntarily circumvent your own movements. 

Welcome to the future. Now bend over.


6 responses to “DHS Wants to X-Ray Your Every Move

  1. East German dissidents were given cancer by being exposed to X-rays while sitting alone in interrotation rooms… and the chief of the East German Stasi, Markus Wolf, helped design the DHS.

    Oh, and do you know about the Ringworm Children?

    And may I point out that depleted uranium is responsible for children in Iraq and Gaza being born with terrible birth defects?

    And if I really wanted to imply anything, I would also point out that Markus Wolf, like Michael Chertoff, the man behind the TSA pornoscanners, was a Jew.

    • Umm…Are you taking my comment about Star of David and ghettos to mean that I am in favor of what Israel and elite Jews are doing in Palestine and the rest of the NWO? because I’m not. It was just an example, one that people are familiar with.
      Interesting stuff about Markus Wolf. I didn’t know that. I do know about the birth defects. Not the ringworm children.
      Thanks for your comment.

  2. What I find fascinating is that those organizations that supposedly are there to defend our rights never rise beyond ‘concern’.

  3. Hi Truthergirls,

    I… I need your help.

    I don’t know what’s real any more. Is this a dream?

    It’s just that ….

    … how can I explain… please (skim) read this post and then scroll down the comments (which includes mine) and tell me ….. is it just me? …..

    …. you see, I though we were all supposed to all be waking up?
    You know, just like Benny.

    You know, Benny the dog.

    I mean, is it is even right to care about the ‘truth’?
    I mean tell me truthergirls….. what’s happiness to you?
    (it’s a revolution of the mind)
    Dong! Dong! Dong!

  4. I’m in Palestine. Here if you want to go to Jordan, you must cross the border. The jewish’s soldiers use those kind of machines, but not with everyone- almost always with arabs… poor arabs. : / you know because of the cancer thing.
    By the way, what do you think about jewish?

  5. Jews are being used by Fascists and Communists as a cover for their secret military programs. Jew organizations are infiltrated by the enemy, the Vatican’s Counter Reformation. Inquisition is their doctrine.

    It looks to me, like the arguments the government gives for this privacy intrusion, is arguments that they are guilty off themselves.

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