Watermelon Facial

Someone sent me this tip on youtube. Although I haven’t tried this recipe myself yet, I personally don’t use any commercial beauty creams and such. All I use is olive oil to clean my face, and coconut oil and aloe vera as a moisturizer. Not only is it clean, natural, free of chemicals and guaranteed good for your skin, but it’s a lot cheaper, too, than buying creams.

Here is the recipe for a watermelon facial. i hope you enjoy it. As I always say, just because you are a truther doesn’t mean you have to look like one.

“You need to find a watermelon, yeah, a watermellon…non-GMO. After you’ve found a good watermelon proceed to slice it into pieces that will resemble small 3″x5″ cubes. Then juice that watermelon into juice, yeah, juice it. After it’s juiced apply the juice to your skin…no joke. The watermelon juice contains several minerals that will make your skin actually shrink and you will look ten years younger.”

One response to “Watermelon Facial

  1. yeah – and if used daily, pineapple juice destroys your fingerprints!

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