Disaster in America Next? Yellowstone?

This article was written by youtube user terral03

Yellowstone has been very active with lots of quake swarm activity, but recently went quiet; which is a bad sign. The massive brown dwarf is responsible for the global warming of all the planets in our solar system and each day Planet X (ELENin) gets 2 million miles nearer, which is heating up the volcano magma all around the globe each time our planet rotates. The gravitational influence of this giant grows by squares of the shrinking distance and that distance is only 21.56 million miles on October 17, 2011. The quakes in Yellowstone stopped, because the area is bulging over a super-hot magma mass that sees magma filling in all the voids between the floating land masses. That means the pressure is increasing gradually throughout the entire caldera in anticipation of one big massive explosion! The longer this pressure builds, the more devastating the explosion of the entire region.

Dutchsinse called the quake at Japan and he is giving warnings about Yellowstone. The earthquake activity over the last week is off the charts, because this dwarf star is getting closer. HAARP cannot create all of this seismic activity over the entire earth. Then you have Russian sending out quake warnings for the USA:


Look at the dates! The reason for the warnings have to do with the alignments of the planets that include Jupiter and Saturn on the opposite sides of the solar system:


This is the orbit data for this ELEnin Comet showing the earth coming into alignment tomorrow on 3/15. Now use your zoom control and back out to see the larger picture that the Russians are pointing to! Saturn and this ELEnin/Dwarf Star and the Earth and the Sun and Mars and Jupiter and Uranus are in near-alignment and our Govts know these things are happening and they are preparing without us. Then add the super moon and you can see why I drove 4 states to the mountains of North Carolina on March 1, 2011, because it looks like the crap is going to hit the fan!

This is my USMB Japan Crisis Topic with lots of links in case you are interested in seeing where we are getting much of our data. I recommend your subs and viewers subscribe to Dutchsinse and monitor his updates. Many among my sources have already bugged out and closed their youtube accounts. I can hear it in your voice that Sonia is waking up to just how serious this situation is becoming right before our eyes. At some point the people are going to wake up and realize we are looking at a crisis of Biblical proportions and our ability to prepare will diminish, because the crap will have already hit the fan.

3 responses to “Disaster in America Next? Yellowstone?

  1. michael goldenberg

  2. Hey Sonia,

    Thanks for the coverage of the triple-disasters in Japan.

    In case you haven’t noticed, I took down my YouTube Channel and my blog, keeping only my cinchcast voice blog. I did this because I want to simplify and to cut down on the mental-static; go inward and unplug as much as possible. Truthfully, I want to hear from the LORD again! And ever since I went back online in 2007, my spiritual “hearing” capacity has diminished to almost nil. 😦

    Anyway, regarding predictions, just now I googled “earthquake predictions 2011” and found a very interesting and frightening list of predictions by a psychic woman named Nikki. Evidently she correctly predicted the Gulf Oil Spill last year and many other things around the globe. In her 2011 list, she was right on in predicting the Tsunami and Earthquake in Japan, and has many other places she says will be hit by quakes. Just food for thought…

  3. Hello,

    Weather technology based in Maine was used to provoke last week earthquake in Quebec. Please download the video and send copies of this to everyone. By this evil action, the Cabal have now declared war on Quebec. This must not be allowed to continue.

    See all, Alert updates here:

    Ben Fulford says an ultimatum with deadline has been issued to “the Cabal”.

    Thank you and keep up the good work !
    Many blessings to you all !

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