Resources for Tracking Radiation

Some links for thos of you who are interested in keepig tabs on radiatio levels:

Surface Radiation Research Branch (GOVERMENT BE CAREFUL)

World Radiation Monitoring Center
002-030000, 003-030000, 131-030000

RadiationNetworkInfo: (130) CPM?

Iodine to protect against thyroid cancer from radiation:
MagNascent Iodine

5 responses to “Resources for Tracking Radiation

  1. Wow! I speak the truth and you make the article go away. That’s OK, I have the screen shots I need to take down another bottom feeder, tea bagging group of idiots. Grow some balls. See you on MSNBC soon.

    • That’s fine. I considered what you said and decided that I agreed with you, that the article was no goood, just some randome person’s misinformed speculation and I did what I thought was right and removed it. You’d think that was a GOOD thing, taking feedback from my readers into consideration.

  2. I was being harsh because you posted a very uninformed piece under the premise that it was truth. A habit of the conservative, uniformed sect. Any number of people believe that if it’s on the “interwebs” it must be true. As a scientist myself, it really irks me at the irresponsibility of bloggers to feed the ignorance of a huge chunk of people. It’s not personal. It’s appreciated that you took it down, but why not fact check it FIRST? Your target readership will NEVER question what you post and that will sit fine with you, because it’s easy to keep them in your collective. By removing the whole thing, you don’t address the problem. You just put your head in the sand.

  3. MSNBC? LMAO! That is more of a farce then FOX “new’s”. I don’t know what this is about(because of the removal) but every leftist anti-humanist claims to be a “scientist”.

    P.S the only reason your being harsh is because your a lefty sociopath(don’t feel bad, most real scientist’s, psychologist’s and geneticist’s who are studying your condition think it is all in your genetic make-up, something you can’t help. Kind of like bi-polar, schizophrenia and other mental impairments).

    Also, don’t trust the EPA’s radnet. They have been playing games with it since the Japanese Disaster began(changing security protocols, putting it under construction, just messing with it to discourage people while being short of totally pulling the plug on it). And there is reasonable suspicion that the data is junk data anyway.

  4. My undergrad and MPhys are in theoretical physics. My credentials have nothing to do with my political views. The post that was removed involved a person who immediately thought that a nuclear reactor created energy using FUSION, albeit a bogus poster who has no idea how a nuclear reactor works.
    “only reason your being harsh is because your a lefty”…it’s “you’re” idiot. The reason for my harshness was because most “righty” bloggers are ignorant and just post whatever alarmist crap that suits them for that day.

    I am only trolling your response because you are a classic troll yourself. Don’t trust the EPA huh? Is that what happened to you?

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